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Why Fishing Works

Imagine walking down to the marina first thing in the morning, just as the sun peaks over the mountains and sparkling ocean. Awaiting your arrival are your guides and their fully outfitted west coast fishing boats, ready and excited to show you an incredible day on the water.

Why Fishing Works

Departing, you accelerate, and within minutes, you are heading off to some of the world’s best Salmon and Halibut fishing grounds. Your guide takes you to THE spot, positions the fishing rods, flashers and bait, and strategically lowers the downriggers to the magic depth, right where the salmon are looking for their food. You are now fishing…

Then it happens. You see the rod bounce as it gets hit. You then hear the high-pitched screeching of the line being stripped off the fishing reel as the salmon takes a run, knowing they are in for a battle of their lives!

You grab the rod out of the holder and, in amazement, feel an incredible amount of pull and then slack as the salmon dances around, trying to shake out the hook. …the guide points and yells…”

keep your tip up, keep it tight, it’s coming out, it’s coming out!” Right then, the most incredible display of brute force and raw power as a 30b Spring Salmon EXPLODES from the water less than 15ft off the boat. An epic battle ensues. After a thrilling 20 minutes, you net and land your trophy on the boat.

Success! The cameras start clicking, and its smiles and high fives all around! You tell yourself, this is AMAZING…. The trip of a lifetime. You know that you will never forget it!

What would happen if you shared this experience with a client or employee?

Experience With a Client or Employee

It’s simple. Using fishing trips as loyalty or incentive programs will help you establish relationships with key clients and employees.

Fishing provides more “face time” with individuals and begs a captive audience.

Today’s market trends confirm that people search for meaningful experiences over physical possessions. Eaglenook and Lucky Sportfishing recognize this increasing trend, and we have made it our mission to create an adventure experience unparalleled by any other.

Adventure Experience Unparalleled

We understand that spending time with your guest is of utmost importance. To that end, we take care of everything for you from beginning to end.

As a business, would you rather have a loyal, raving fan customer or just a “Satisfied” customer?

A loyal client is always better than a satisfied client because a loyal client is less likely to switch to a competitor.

In business, retaining client loyalty has proven to be invaluable.

1. Selling more to existing customers is easier and less expensive for you than finding and marketing new ones.
2. Loyal clients tend to buy more and buy more regularly.
3. They give your business secure revenue streams.
4. Raise the value of your business.
5. They will frequently recommend your company to others.

Building and maintaining client loyalty programs are worth the effort and capital.

Eaglenook Resort has designed adventures that offer you a unique opportunity to share an unforgettable experience with your key clients and allow you to establish solid relationships and the creation of loyal clients.

Loyalty & Incentive Programs Increase Net Profits

An incentive program is a strategic plan to promote or encourage specific actions that can attract and retain your clients if used effectively.

Once you master the art of understanding your clients, it is simple to recognize the importance of creating a relationship-oriented culture with an incentive or loyalty program that offers great value rather than discounts.

Give an Experience They Will Never Forget, While You Get a Return on Investment.

An adventure experience with Eaglenook Resort has an intangible worth to your key clients and employees that can significantly outweigh their actual cost.

Cash and merchandise are great, but they do not provide a significant impact, and appreciation of these incentives quickly fades and is forgotten.

Significantly Outweigh Their Actual Cost

Employees don’t want to brag about the big cheque they got, and your clients probably won’t talk about that round of golf you played last Wednesday for long. However, they are eager to display trophy fishing awards and photos for others. They will be easily prompted (or not prompted at all!) to recall highlights of an unforgettable fishing experience.

Who can resist the tale of “the one that got away,” or, in your case, the one you landed?

Eaglenook Resort leads the way in providing a stage to actualize your key client and employee loyalty and incentive programs.

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