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What to Expect from BC Salmon Fishing Charters

There’s no better place than British Columbia to take a fishing trip. The scenery is beautiful, the salmon are plentiful and the weather is usually perfect for fishing. If you’re ready to come to BC for a salmon fishing charter, you’re in for the fishing trip of a lifetime. A guided fishing trip lets you relax and enjoy the fishing without all the work involved in planning. It’s a great vacation option for beginners and experienced anglers who want to capture the salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

Private BC Salmon Fishing Charters

Fishing can be a lot of work, whether you take a boat or sit on the edge of a lake. Eagle Nook Resort takes care of all the little details, from outfitting the boat, getting the right bait and cleaning up the gear, so all you have to do is show up and say, Go Fish! Our boats are fully equipped with the fishing tackle you need to catch salmon.

Experienced Guides

Our local staff know where to fish and offer salmon fishing techniques to let you limit your catch while having the adventure of a lifetime. We get you to the right locations and take the hassle out of fishing for an extraordinary trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You’ll spend your day reeling in fish because you have a great guide who wants to fill the boat. Talk fishing all day long with someone who appreciates your hobby.

Plenty of Fish

The best part of the fishing trip is the fish. We’ll help you have a great time on the boat. At the end of the day, you won’t even have to pack up your fish to take home. We fillet, portion, and package your catch in travel-safe coolers. You can relax at the lodge and enjoy the ambience instead of having to deal with all the details. You’ll have the memories of catching fish, but you’ll feel refreshed at the end of the day, not tired. You do need to make sure you have your fishing license with a salmon conservation stamp to record your catch.

World Class Accommodations

Our salmon fishing lodge is no rustic cabin, but a luxurious facility overlooking Vernon Bay. Each of our deluxe rooms with all the amenities of a luxury hotel have an ocean view. We have a full dining room with elegant meals and a full bar. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a soak in the hot tub while overlooking the bay. Salmon fishing is our business, but we also offer many other adventures, a kayaking trip, hiking and paddleboarding to make even more lasting memories on your vacation.

Experience Luxury and Adventure at Our West Coast Salmon Fishing Lodge in BC

You don’t have to be an experienced angler to enjoy a salmon fishing vacation at Eagle Nook Resort. Make your plans for a world class fishing experience with us. Contact us to get more information.

Are You Ready for the Salmon Fishing Season in BC?

British Columbia is well-known for outdoor recreation including camping, hiking, skiing and hunting, but as any angler will tell you, it’s best unkept secret is the world class sportfishing for salmon. Even though BC has many salmon fishing regulations to protect the species, you can still catch your fill of salmon. Learning a little about the fishing calendar can help you time your trip during the year to catch the type of salmon you want to take home.

When is the Best Time to Catch Salmon?

The salmon fishing season in BC runs from April through November, but you won’t catch all types of salmon throughout the entire season. There are five different types of Pacific salmon, each with their own best time to catch them. Understanding the fishing calendar gives you the best opportunity to fish for your pleasure. You may even want to come back at different times during the year to really experience the different types of salmon available in the area.

Spring Fishing – April, May and June

Chinook or King Salmon start to migrate back to the streams in April. These fish are the prized trophies of the salmon varieties, not only because they taste so good when cooked, but because they are hard fighting and the largest type of salmon. You can easily catch a fish that is 13 kilograms or more.

July and August Fishing

Summer fishing offers even more varieties. Coho, Sockeye and Pink salmon all begin their migration back to the area and the Chinook continue to flood the local waters. Sockeyes are prized for their delicious meat. Although they are smaller than the Chinook, they are very sporting fish that will give even experienced anglers a run for their money with their acrobatics and speed. It can be just as challenging to catch the aggressive Coho salmon, which are a little larger than Sockeyes but not quite as big as the Chinook.

Fall Fishing – September, October and November

Just because the nights get cooler doesn’t mean the fish aren’t active during the day. September might be one of the peak months for salmon fishing in the BC area, because you can hook all five varieties of salmon, including the chum salmon. Chum, also called dog salmon, are considered a nuisance fish, largely because their meat isn’t as tasty as the other types of salmon. Still, they weigh up to 10 kilograms or more, so they are quite fun to catch, even if you only hook and release. The fishing season can last well into November, but you’ll want to bring warmer clothes for your time outdoors.

Visit Eagle Nook for Expertly Guided Salmon Fishing Charters in BC

Make your fishing plans now for the upcoming fishing season. Eagle Nook Resort features world-class BC salmon fishing charters with luxurious accommodations in our private facility. We have beautiful boats with all the fishing gear you need to catch your limit of salmon.

Contact us for more information and to book your fishing package at Eagle Nook Resort.

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Plan Your Summer Vacation – Salmon Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking and More

Salmon fishing may be the highlight of staying at a salmon fishing lodge, but even the most diehard anglers enjoy other activities. Eagle Nook Resort offers a multitude of activities for the entire family during your stay. From dawn to dusk, everyone in your party has opportunities for exciting experiences throughout the salmon fishing season in BC.  

Daily Adventures  

Eagle Nook’s best adventure is one of the BC salmon fishing charters where we provide all the gear and equipment for you to show up and do one thing”catch fish! It’s a world-class experience for anglers of all levels. If fishing isn’t your jam or you’d like to experience Barkley Sound in a different way, you have the option to take a kayak out through the islands. When the weather cooperates, paddleboarding is another way to take in the coastline and beaches. You choose the adventure you want to have on your vacation.  


Relax in Nature  

Salmon fishing season in BC, it’s prime wildlife viewing season. Bears, eagles, and wolves are commonly spotted through the summer. Spend some time on the beach and you may sight a humpback whale, seals, or sea lions. Bring your hiking boots to take in the landscape. There’s a quiet noise in the wilderness around our lodge that you can’t find in the city. Don’t forget your camera to take memories home or to share on social media.  


The resort is the perfect location for a getaway in nature. Our rooms have ocean views with a patio area where you can enjoy the solitude. We feature a beautiful dining room with exquisite meals. If you want some time indoors with your family and friends, we have a games room where you can play cards. Our hot tub overlooks the bay, so you can relax after your fishing excursion or any time during the day when you want to soak up some rays and water. Although we recommend leaving your electronic devices at home, we do offer complimentary Wi-Fi through the resort to let you keep in touch with the outside world. We take care of the details, to let you and your family enjoy your downtime without chores and responsibilities. After your fishing trip, let us fillet, portion and package your catch in travel coolers to take your salmon home to enjoy.  

Experience West Coast Luxury and Activities for the Whole Family

The salmon may be the lure that brings you to our lodge, but the boundless beauty of the area and adventures you experience will make it an unforgettable vacation. Contact us to book your summer adventure during the salmon fishing season in British Columbia.  

West Coast Luxury and Activities for the Whole Family

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