2019 Salmon Fishing Season is Upon Us

It’s 2019 and the West Coast fishing season is off to another great start, with Lucky Sportfishing at Eagle Nook Resort.

It’s almost July already, and the Eagle Nook team is assembled, excited and ready to help our guests enjoy a bucket list Pacific salmon and halibut fishing experience off Vancouver Island’s beautiful west coast.

Eagle Nook’s owners and guides support sustainable fishing practices.

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)

The ACRDP is a Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) initiative that promotes collaborative research and development activities between the aquaculture industry and the department. Eagle Nook teams with the DFO researchers to collaborate for research on fish health and

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ecosystem interactions. The first objective of the program is sustainability to ensure Optimal Fish Health and the second objective is Environmental Performance. Supporting research that will enhance the overall sustainability of the aquaculture operations in BC while ensuring economic viability with optimal product quality.

Salmon Sport Head Recovery Programsalmon head recovery program eagle nook resort 180x180

We are responsible operators and work working closely with the local DFO by participating in the Salmon Sport Head Recovery Program. By collecting and turning in salmon heads we are contributing necessary information to allow for continued sport fishing opportunities. In some cases, certain hatchery stocks are used to indicate the health of other stocks in the area. Tag recoveries not only help to indicate that stocks are healthy, but also that stocks of concern could be improving.

Off Season Suite Upgrades

Our returning guests will notice that we’ve made some upgrades to our rooms.

Dan and Jeff are not just pretty faces!

2019 eagle nook room renovations 3 300x2252019 eagle nook room renovations 2 300x244








They rolled up their sleeves and worked with our renovation crew to install new flooring in all the guest rooms in the resort. They did fantastic work! The new floors look pretty darn good.

A Bigger, Better Gift Shop

eagle nook resort gift shop lucky sportfishing clothing line 300x171

We have relocated and expanded our gift shop. Stop by and check out this year’s new swag, including Lucky Sportfishing hats, beautiful jackets as well as short and long-sleeved shirts. Be

sure to also take a gander at our selection of west coast artwork, jewellery and souvenirs.

Our gift shop has something for everyone!


Lucky Sportfishing Derby

Thanks to all guests who participated in 8th annual Lucky Sportfishing derby!

The derby was lots of fun and plenty of salmon were caught. It was a close race, but one lucky fisherman finally took home the trophy. We’d like to offer a big congratulations to Matt

2019 Lucky Sportfishing Eagle Nook Derby Winner 300x225

Harmeson and Gerry Gassner for reeling in the derby winner, at 21lbs. In a very close 2nd place with a 19.6 lb Chinook was Ben Thornber from Slegg Lumber, Jamie George and Brad Wetherell. Just behind them, in 3rd place was Tim Harrisons group with John & Jake Grympa landing an 18.2 lb salmon.


Eagle Nook Derby

Our guests asked, and we answered!

Due to overwhelming demand, Eagle Nook Resort created a second Salmon Derby for our guests. Now in its 4th year, the Eagle Nook Derby was held on June 8th and 9th. Friday saw a little rain, but Saturday was full of sunshine and salmon. All 10 of our boats were out on the Barkley Sound, with fishermen looking to catch the big one and reel in a $5000 prize.eagle nook resort 2019 salmon derby winners 300x225

eagle nook resort 2019 derby winners 300x284







While there were plenty of salmon caught and everybody took home boxes of salmon fillets, there could only be one big money winner. Congratulations to Dick Bezlin and Ken Rand for taking 1st place with a 20.4lb fish.  Ed Anderson took both 2nd   and 3rd prize with 18,2 and 17.2 Chinooks!

Book Your Summer Adventure Now

Eagle Nook Resort is now booked for most of the summer but if you give us a call, we’ll try our best to accommodate your group. There are still spaces available in July and toward the end of August, so hurry and pick up that phone before they’re all gone!

Come and see us for your summer adventure, and we’ll send you home with some fish, great stories and wonderful memories. Whether it’s your first trip out with us or your 10th, the friends and memories you’ll make here at Eagle Nook will last you a lifetime.

See you this summer!

The Team at Eagle Nook.