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Paddle boarding around Eagle Nook in Barkley Sound

Paddle boarding is a popular way to explore Barkley Sound and Ucluelet Harbour. It’s great exercise, but it’s still relaxing and easy to pick up. Most people can get comfortable on a paddle board with just a little practice. Even kids can balance on and experience mastery fairly quickly. Here on Vancouver Island, people enjoy paddle boarding through the Broken Group Islands and in the creeks near Ucluelet for viewing wildlife and relaxing in nature. At Eagle Nook, you can enjoy paddle boarding after a day of fishing as an entirely different   look at the wildlife in the area.

Eco Adventures

Adventure ecotourism doesn’t mean you have to travel to the heart of the Amazon or backpack through the Thai Islands. Eco-adventures can take place anywhere you combine nature and outdoor activities. Paddle boarding is a great way to experience the Wild Pacific Trail and the shoreline because it’s a sustainable activity for everyone to enjoy.  

Check Out Some Wildlife

Paddle boarding on BC’s coast is an excellent way to experience nature and see some wildlife that you can only find in the Pacific Northwest. Whale watching is a popular summer activity because humpback whales frequent Vancouver Islands waters from June to August. Sea lions and seals lie on the rocks along the coast during the summer. At low tide, the black bears come out to find seafood for their dinner. Our staff can also point out the best places to watch bald eagles. High tides or low tides, there’s plenty of wildlife in British Columbia.

It’s All Inclusive!

The fishing charters at Eagle Nook include everything you need for a great eco-adventure vacation. We take care of all the details, from making sure you arrive in style in a water taxi or float plane. You can spend the morning fishing for salmon and halibut where our expert fishing guides take care of the equipment and your catch. You’ll have time for afternoon activities and adventure in British Columbia.  

We provide breakfast before your charter, or you can sleep in and take in the other activities we offer. Paddle boarding and kayaking are just two things that you can enjoy at our lodge. When you come in from fishing, you can grab a light lunch during our appy-hour. Your evening meal is world-class fine dining in a relaxed dining room with high-quality wines, beers, and spirits.

You pack your personal belongings for your eco-adventure. If you want to enjoy paddle boarding while you’re here on Vancouver Island, make sure to pack your swimsuit and insulating clothes that can keep you warm, even if they get wet. Booties or watershoes are highly recommended, but you can also wear a pair of shoes that you won’t mind getting wet. Bring a hat and sunglasses with a strap. If you wear prescription glasses, we recommend using a strap while you’re paddle boarding, just to make sure you don’t lose them in the water. If you want to take pictures, you’ll need a waterproof case for your camera. We have life jackets, which are required in BC for paddle boarding.

Book Your Adventure in British Columbia

Vancouver Island is one of the best destinations for a fishing adventure. You’ll never forget catching a chinook or lingcod. It’s also one of the best places for paddle boarding, because you will enjoy the coastal waters of western Canada in a new way. There’s no guarantee you’ll see whales, but it will be fun regardless of what wildlife you spot. The popularity of paddle boarding makes it a unique activity you can enjoy while you’re at Eagle Nook. Contact us for more information about our adventure packages.

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