Every organization, whether corporate, non-profit or educational, wants a cohesive team that works together. Successful team building activities can be hard to organize. How do you plan something everyone will enjoy and participate in without feeling pressured? All too often, team activities make people cringe or feel uncomfortable. The corporate retreat packages at Eagle Nook Resort in British Columbia are ideal for rewarding a team and strengthening relationships. Your team can spend the day salmon fishing on a first-class boat in the Pacific Northwest, then relax and unwind in a luxurious resort overlooking the ocean.  

Challenge and Reward of Fishing Together

Fishing is a great team-building activity. Everyone has a common goal of catching fish. Here on Vancouver Island, the prized catch is salmon, but we also reel in halibut and lingcod. While your team is out on the water, they’ll be in close proximity to each other. It’s a great time and place to talk to each other in ways that can’t happen in the office. Fishing is a sport that both beginners and experienced anglers can enjoy. Our fishing guides help your team work together to get their haul of fish.

How a Corporate Fishing Retreat Builds Strong Relationships

Sport fishing in British Columbia sets the stage for teamwork. Getting away from the office into the wilderness with stunning views of the ocean is exhilarating enough, but when you include a day on a boat catching some of the world’s best fish, it brings people together. Salmon are incredibly powerful, with the ability to jump up to 10 feet to overcome waterfalls in an attempt to get back to their spawning grounds. A corporate fishing retreat builds unique memories. It’s not only an event that people must muscle their way through. It lets everyone see their co-workers in a new light.

Team Building Games and Activities at Eagle Nook

Salmon fishing isn’t the only activity at Eagle Nook, which makes our luxurious resort the perfect place for team building. Your team will enjoy deluxe ocean-view resort rooms, fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, and an outdoor hot tub that overlooks the ocean. In addition, your team can choose other eco-adventures and activities:

  • Kayaks or paddle boards
  • Hiking, birdwatching, and enjoying nature
  • Disc golf
  • Game room, meeting room, and other indoor activities

Our team will help you plan a corporate retreat that will fit your goals and provide team building opportunities outside of the office. Contact us today for more information about our corporate fishing packages. Create memories together and take that camaraderie back to the office.