Kayaking is a great way to explore Vancouver Island while you’re enjoying a vacation at Eagle Nook Resort. You can do some sightseeing around the Broken Group Islands and Barkley Sound, in gentle waters, with a paddle to take in nature. A day’s paddle in the summer months is a low impact activity for beginners and experienced kayakers and paddlers. If you’re looking for a wonderful tour while viewing wildlife and relaxing, kayaking is the perfect exploration of the open coast.

Discover the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for spectacular landscapes and beautiful coastlines. Peak season for kayaking is during the summer months of June, July, and August. Sometimes, the weather in September will also cooperate and is good for kayaking. The Wild Pacific Trail features 8.8 kilometres of coastline waters for wildlife watchers. You can have a grand adventure in sheltered water or on the open ocean looking for sea lions, seals, porpoises, river otters, and the occasional whale. You may also spot wildlife on land. We’ve been known to see black bears, raccoons, and bald eagles along the coast.

Our Friendly Guides Know All the Best Spots

If you’re ready for an adventure, our guides not only know the best fishing spots, but they also know the best places to kayak. Should you be looking to take on the motion of the ocean swells, we’ll point you in the right direction. If you just want to paddle around the main islands to enjoy the wilderness, we can send you to the right place. Want to explore some sea caves? We’ll help you navigate low tide and high tides to stay safe in any body of water.

It’s All Inclusive

When you stay at Eagle Nook Resort, there’s no heavy lifting for you to do. We take care of you, from your arrival to departure. Our team cooks all your meals, breakfast and hot coffee are ready in the morning before your fishing charter. When you get back with your salmon and halibut, we take care of cleaning the boat, putting the tackle away, and packing up your fish for you to take home. You can come into the dining room for an appy hour, then go on to your next eco-adventure. We can arrange a guided tour by kayak or you can take a kayak out for the thrill of paddling.    

Our resort includes everything you could need, except for your personal belongings. We have rain gear on site, just in case. You need to pack clothes that layer well, because it can get foggy in the morning when it’s cool. It may warm up in the afternoon, so you want to be prepared. When you’re out in a kayak, you will want sunglasses, sunscreen, and a waterproof camera container.

Book Your Vacation at Eagle Nook

Kayaking is just one of the activities you can enjoy at Eagle Nook Resort. We have multiple eco-adventures in British Columbia that can be part of your experience in Barkley Sound. Kayaking is a great way to refresh your mind, reconnect with nature, and get a workout. Paddling through the water burns calories and strengthens your arms, legs, and core.  

Your adventure at Eagle Nook can include disc golf, hiking, an outdoor tub, and much more. Each of our luxury rooms overlooks the ocean. Escape to British Columbia to experience the wildlife on the coastline by boat, kayak, or paddle board. Contact us to make reservations for a fishing experience that you’ll never forget.