People from around the world visit British Columbia for its world-class fishing adventures. Salmon fishing charters are a great way to experience the adventure and excitement of catching prized Chinook salmon. If you’re planning on fishing for salmon, the rod and reel you use at your local lake may not be sturdy enough for salmon fishing in BC. Your all-inclusive package with us here at Eagle Nook has you covered. In your package, we’ve included fishing equipment such as high-end quality rods and reels, a fully guided fishing experience on our 25ft fully appointed boats, rain gear, dining and full use of all our resort amenities. We’ve got all you need to make your escape to the wilderness for some much deserved R&R.    

salmon fishing

Salmon Fishing Gear  

Fishing is more than knowing where you drop your line. You have to know what kind of fish you’re catching to have the correct equipment and tackle. Salmon are prized trophies in the angling world. They have tough jaws and put up a fight before being caught. Your rod, line and hook need to stand up to their strength. If you’re fishing in saltwater, you’ll want gear that doesn’t corrode. At Eagle Nook, we will ensure your hook and lure combinations are permitted and up to date with regulations.

For catching salmon in BC, we recommend the following fishing tackle:

  • Choose a salmon fishing rod and reel designed for the type of fishing you are doing. Islander reels are one of the best but if you’re fishing in tidal waters, Downriggor trolling equipment like Scotty Products are recommended. For freshwater fishing, you’ll probably be float fishing or drift fishing.  
  • Use quality fishing line like Seaguar Fluorocarbon as these types of lines are most durable in salt water conditions.
  • Bring larger fishing weights in the 15 to 20 pound weight range and make sure your down rigger can handle it. Here at Eagle Nook Resort, we use the Scotty HP series on all our guide boats.    
  • Use only barbless hooks for salmon fishing. That’s not our rule, that’s the law.  
  • You can use bait or lures. If you’re using lures, bring as much variety as you can. Feel free to check in with us at Eagle Nook before you arrive and we can recommend what is most suitable for the time of year you are heading our way.

salmon fishing gear


  • You must have a fishing license with a salmon conservation stamp. If you have any questions about your license, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Eagle Nook and we will gladly help you out, as well as arrange all your licensing for you.  
  • Don’t forget your fishing cooler, ice and packing material to take your catch home. If you are staying with us at our lodge at Eagle Nook resort, we will fillet, vacuum pack and freeze your catch for easy transport home. Guided fishing includes airline-approved coolers to take home your catch so you can feast for months to come. If you have your own home, we are happy to supply you ice if needed.    

At Eagle Nook resort, you’re welcome to bring your own fishing gear, but we also have everything you need for your fishing excursion on our boats. We want you to enjoy your vacation both during and after, so we even fillet, portion and pack your catch in airline approved travel coolers.  

What to Bring to Eagle Nook Resort  

For salmon fishing charters at Eagle Nook Resort, you’ll need to pack your essentials. Pack clothing that can be layered, because the mornings and evenings can get cool while the afternoon can be warm and muggy. In addition, you should bring:  

  • Hiking boots, if you plan to hike  
  • Swimsuit
  • Personal medications and toiletries  

Our resort provides towels for swimming, the hot tub and personal use, as well as terry bathrobes, soap, shampoo, and blow dryers. We also have rain gear and rubber boots, so you can go ahead and pack lightly for your trip.  

Luxury Salmon Fishing Charters from Our West Coast Lodge in BC

Salmon fishing trips in BC at Eagle Nook Resort are hassle-free from packing the necessities to taking your catch home, because we believe that you deserve a luxurious resort with fine dining while you let our friendly staff deal with details. Contact us now to book your BC salmon fishing trip and enjoy our unrivalled hospitality.