Heading into our final stretch of the season, the month of August has yielded great results!

The BC forest fire smoke has finally faded, making our 6:00AM offshore runs a bit more clear. Despite the destruction the wildfires caused, the smoke has made for a beautiful red sunrises, leaving many guests in awe before the morning bite. Mix that with the recent turquoise-blue coccolith algae bloom in the Barkley Sound… paradise!

[insert forest fire smoke photo here]

August has turned into a torrent of halibut, with many guests leaving with their possession limit (2) and great memories to follow. Halibut fishing has been producing steady numbers over the past few weeks, both at our offshore spots and even a bit closer to home. Making up for half of the halibut catches that hit our dock, the chickens (<20lb) have been plentiful (and are the best to eat!). Of course, the bigger bottom-fish are making for great workout, guest stories and pictures, too!

As for salmon fishing, our guests have been reeling in heaps of Chinook. With patience and willingness to go offshore in “Fogust’s” visibility, guests have played many high-teen Chinook and even some low-teen Coho! These sizes have been ideal for our dock hands to process and package into perfect dinner-sized portions, while some of the bigger fish are being processed by St. Jeans for candied and smoked salmon. The gear catching these fish has been Skinny G spoons and anchovies: Overall the fleet’s Grady White fish boxes have been filled to the brim with chrome!

Aside from fishing, we have encountered a lot of wildlife in the Barkley Sound lately. Humpback whales have made multiple appearances, primarly feeding off of Assits and Diplock. We have watched them blow bubbles to encircle their feed and tail slap when they dive down. Our adventure guide Nadia has been tracking the whales, which has made adventure tours very thrilling. A pod of Orca whales joined us off of our dock after doing a lap around Jane Bay to feed. Both our guests and staff members were amazed by the sight.

Whether its a fish peeling line out, the sound of the Islander reeling in a good head-shaker, or a whale breaching, it’s all smiles and laughs here. Stay tuned for more fishing updates from the Barkley Sound!