British Columbia is internationally known as a sport fisherman’s paradise, with trophy salmon and the best halibut available anywhere. Eagle Nook Resort, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, offers a luxury experience in the wilderness where your team can enjoy fishing charters, eco-adventure cruises, and team-building activities. This quick fishing guide will help you plan and have a successful fishing trip!

The Eagle Nook Fishing Guide

Our fishing charters have high-end reels, fishing rods and downriggers. You’ll be bringing in halibut, lingcod, and salmon in no time at all. Our fishing guides use technology and experience to take you to the best fishing spots in the BC area. We help you go after the fish you want. With years of experience, our guides make sure you’re safe, whether you’re fly fishing for trout offshore or fishing off the deck of one of our 26- or 28-feet boats. At the end of your day, we pack up your freshly caught salmon in vacuum packing to take in an airline-approved cooler to keep your fish fresh.

What Gear Do You Need for Salmon Fishing

Eagle Nook Resort provides high quality fishing gear. You’ll want to bring a good pair of waders to keep your feet dry when you’re fishing as boots with good traction will work well for salmon fishing on the boat. Pack a pair of sunglasses, because you’ll want them while you’re outside. Being out on the water all day, you’ll also want to pack a hat!

Have Fun with Our Fishing Guides!

When you come to Eagle Nook, you don’t need any fishing experience. We have fishing guides to help you learn the basics to catch sport fish. Casting a line to catch salmon is different from a basic fly cast. Our fishing guides show you what you need to know. We know the best types of bait to catch Chinook, the prized salmon, halibut, or trout.

Book Your Fishing Charter on Vancouver Island

The best season to fish in British Columbia is probably from May to September. Eagle Nook Resort makes it easy to plan a vacation or corporate retreat fishing experience, because we provide fishing rods, reels, and all the other tackle for a successful fishing trip. Contact us to get more information about the quintessential Canadian fishing trip.