If you’re like most people, you love to get away on vacation for some much-needed R&R while enjoying different meals and snacks of the area where you’re staying. You want good food with a twist, not something you can easily get at home. At Eagle Nook Resort, we know that you want west coast dining from great chefs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our packages include all meals, prepared by our team.

3 Meals a Day – All-Inclusive

From breakfast to dinner, we’ve got you covered when you stay at Eagle Nook. Our breakfast service begins in the morning before you get out on the water in one of our fishing charters. Pair it with strong, hot coffee to get you warmed up on your way to catch your fill of salmon. If you prefer to sleep in, just come on down to the dining room when you’re ready to enjoy a meal on the patio overlooking the ocean.  

When you get back from your fishing excursion at BC’s best fishing lodge, enjoy a light lunch to carry you through to dinner. Our lunch menu focuses on seasonal vegetables, salmon, and west coast cuisine. If you have special dietary needs, just let our chefs know. We can offer gluten-free and dairy-free options. You’ll find vegetarian choices as well.  

For supper, we have a fine dining menu in our comfortable dining room. Feel free to dress up a little or just come as you are. Our three-course gourmet dinner will leave you feeling satisfied after a long day of vacation activities. Salmon is the star of our menu, but we have many seasonal and local favorites prepared fresh for your meal.

The Perfect Beer and Wine Selection

Enjoy premier beverages for happy hour and during your dinner. We select premium wines from the British Columbia area as well as a few specially curated selections from around the world. We also maintain a comprehensive selection of craft beers that will complement your meal. If you like cocktails with your meal or as a nightcap, we have a full selection of great spirits.

And Let’s Not Forget the Breathtaking View!

There’s probably nothing that makes a meal more enjoyable than a spectacular view. Our fishing resort in BC is surrounded by nature, so when you look out the window, you can enjoy the most picturesque landscapes while you’re eating. It’s a relaxing setting that will make you feel like nobility. We want you to enjoy every minute of your luxury fishing vacation in BC!

Eagle Nook Eco-Adventures in British Columbia

Vacation food should be special without being out of touch with your location. Our meals are designed to be Instagram-worthy, while tasting even better than they look. As part of your all-inclusive fishing trip to Eagle Nook Resort, we focus on fresh, local cuisine. Don’t forget that we take care of all the details for you to enjoy your vacation. Our experienced guides take you out to catch all the fish you can. We have high-tech equipment on our boats. When you come in from a morning charter, we fillet, package, and portion your catch to take home. We clean up the equipment while you get lunch and have an afternoon of fun at the lodge. There’s kayaking, paddleboarding, disc golf, hiking, and more.  

Your cabin overlooks the ocean and includes almost everything you need. It’s a luxurious setting with all the amenities you want. Our rooms don’t have televisions, but we do have a game room. Even though we hope you’ll disconnect while you’re here, we do have Wi-Fi throughout the resort.

Make your plans to join us for fishing, recreation, relaxation, and food. Get information on our vacation packages.