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Eagle Nook Resort

Get to Know our Expert Fishing Guides – Jeff

Eagle Nook Resort is committed to providing our guests with a world-class fishing experience in Barkley Sound, BC. A big part of a legendary fishing experience is having the right, knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced guides.

Our expert fishing guides have years of knowledge and experience in these waters. We can take you out in the calmer waters of Barkley Sound to catch plenty of fish, or you can enjoy a sportier adventure by fishing in the Pacific. Our fishing guides use technology and experience to take you to the best fishing spots in the BC area. For example, if you tell us, you are looking for the best places for coho and chinook fishing, we will take you straight there! We help you go after the fish you want.

With years of experience, our guides make sure you’re safe, whether you’re fly fishing for trout offshore or fishing off the deck of one of our 26- or 28-feet boats. At the end of your day, we pack up your freshly caught salmon in vacuum packing to take in an airline-approved cooler to keep your fish fresh.

Meet Eagle Nook Fishing Guide, Jeff

Q: When did you start fishing? Do you have a favourite fishing memory?

A: I started fishing when I was very young, probably around 3 years old and I have loved it ever since. Some of my favourite fishing memories are from fishing derby events. I love seeing everyone on the water enjoying fishing in the same way I do!

Q: What is you favourite thing about being a guide in Barkley Sound?

A: My favourite part of being a guide in Barkley Sound is seeing the enjoyment of our guests as they experience this place for the first time. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy this area every day. I love sharing the beauty of this place with people for the first time.

Q: What is the most important skill for a salmon fishing guide to have?

A: I think the most important skill for a salmon fishing guide goes beyond just having a knowledge of the area, the fish, and of course safety. It is actually equally important to be able to entertain and provide a legendary experience to our guests for 8-10 hours a day.

Q: What do you believe sets Eagle Nook resort apart from other charter fishing companies?

A: The most important thing for all of us at Eagle Nook is that we provide a deeply personal experience for our guests. We really strive to create a personalized experience for everyone who visits. This is not the kind of place that just ushers people in and out as fast as possible. We enjoy getting to know our guests and take pride in providing a world-class, customized, and personal fishing experience.

Q: What is one thing everyone who goes fishing should know?

A: That’s easy, “it’s not catching it’s fishing”. Not every single day is going to be a banner day. You have to embrace the process or the journey and just enjoy being out on the water in a beautiful place.

Q: Final question, what is the best way to enjoy fish or halibut?

A: Keep it simple. Baked, with seasoning salt, lemon juice, and olive oil.

To learn more about Eagle Nook resort and to book your fishing charter today, contact a member of our team. Jeff and everyone else at Eagle Nook are looking forward to meeting you!

Barkley Sound BC Fishing Guide

Barkley Sound is one of the most beautiful and pristine areas on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. It’s located just south of Ucluelet and offers some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the area.

Eagle Nook Resort is perfectly situated in Barkley Sound and whether you are an experienced angler or just beginning, our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime.

The sheltered waters of Barkley Sound make it a great place for fishing charters, and the salmon and halibut fishing here is some of the best in the world. The offshore waters near Puget Sound offer great halibut fishing, while the waters of Barkley Sound itself offer plenty of salmon action.

And if that isn’t enough, for those looking for a little bit of luxury, Eagle Nook Resort offers deluxe rooms, all with ocean views and a full ensuite washroom. Inside the resort you’ll find our dining room, full bar, games room with a card table and two ocean-view patios. There’s even a hot tub overlooking Vernon Bay, the perfect place to relax after a day on the water or exploring the surrounding trails. We also offer west coast dining as fresh as it gets. All meals are included; breakfast and coffee ready to go for early mornings before fishing. Mid-afternoon our daily ‘appy’ hour is laid out, the perfect way to be welcomed back to the Resort. Nightly in the dining room tuck into a three-course gourmet dinner and enjoy a drink from our full-service bar.

So, if you’re looking for some great salmon or halibut fishing, and luxury accommodations, be sure to check out Eagle Nook Resort in Barkley Sound BC. You won’t be disappointed!

Keep Reading to learn more about Barkley Sound!

Where is Barkley Sound?


Barkley Sound is located on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is a large, protected body of water that is popular for boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Barkley Sound is home to a variety of marine life, including seals, sea lions, whales, and birds. The area is also known for its beautiful beaches and scenic hiking trails. Visitors to Barkley Sound can enjoy a variety of activities, such as camping, kayaking, and SUPing. There are also many opportunities for wildlife watching, including whale watching and birdwatching.

The History of Barkley Sound


Bordered by the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to the north and west, and by the Cape Flattery Marine Provincial Park to the south, you will find Barkley Sound, BC. Barkley Sound was named after John Barkley, who was the Master of HMS Chatham when it surveyed the area in 1787. The first European settlers in Barkley Sound were fur traders from the Hudsons Bay Company, who established a trading post at Friendly Cove (now Yuquot) in 1793. In the late 19th century, Barkley Sound became a popular destination for sport fishing, and several lodges were built along its shores. Today, Barkley Sound is a popular recreational area for kayaking.

The Climate of Barkley Sound


Barkley Sound is large body of water with a complex coastline that includes many islands, inlets, and sheltered bays. The climate of Barkley Sound is characterized by mild winters and cool summers. The average temperature in January is 3.5 degrees Celsius, and in July it is 14 degrees Celsius. precipitation is moderate throughout the year. The area experiences a large amount of rainfall, especially in the winter months. Barkley Sound is an excellent place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. There are many opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking.

Wildlife in Barkley Sound


Barkley Sound is one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world and home to an abundance of wildlife. Orcas, humpback whales, sea lions, seals, porpoises, dolphins, and many other marine mammals can be found in the waters of Barkley Sound. Otters, seals, sea lions, and penguins are just a few of the animals that make their homes on the islands in Barkley Sound. Bald eagles, ospreys, herons, and cormorants are some of the birds that can be seen soaring above or perching in the trees. The forests, estuaries, and shores of Barkley Sound provide habitat for black bears, Roosevelt elk, deer, cougars, wolves, and many other animals

How to get to Barkley Sound


There are a variety of way to get to Eagle Nook resort. Firstly, our marina can accommodate boats and floatplanes of all sizes so feel free to bring your own. Tie up at our dock and enjoy luxurious Resort accommodations and meals, plus full access to all the Resort amenities. We even have a helipad right out front; there are truly endless options to reach us.

Arrival by Floatplane

Departing from Vancouver Island, with Seair Seaplanes or Corilair, you will take an awe-inspiring flight over Vancouver Island from Vancouver and experience the beauty above before arriving at our Resort to begin your all-inclusive fishing trip in British Columbia. You can fly directly from the seaplane terminal to our dock, and we will take care of all the details, from booking your flight to arranging a shuttle to and from the terminal.

By Water Taxi

The water taxi pick-up is included in all packages. Drive through the breathtaking Cathedral Grove and arrive at Port Alberni, where our water taxi will be ready and waiting for you at China Creek Marina. Stop for a bite to eat in Port Alberni or grab something to go and enjoy it on the dock’s edge before you embark on the scenic 60-minute cruise along the coast to Eagle Nook Resort.

Call 1 (604) 357-3361 or email for more information and reservations.

Understanding Recreational Fishing Regulations in British Columbia, Canada

Understanding Recreational Fishing Regulations in British Columbia, Canada

As a sport fisherman, it is your responsibility to make sure you are following all recreational fishing regulations. In British Columbia, there are three different types of basic fishing licences: tidal water fishing, freshwater fishing, and licences for fishing in national parks.

At Eagle Nook Resort, we require a tidal water sport fishing license. As part of your Eagle Nook Resort experience, we will ensure that you have all of the required licenses, and that we are fishing in alignment with government regulations and best practices.

The requirement to have a license applied to all recreational fishers, including individuals under the age of 16. In Canada, tidal waters sport fishing licences are available as a 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days licence and can be purchased for juveniles, adults, and seniors.

Tidal Water Sport Fishing Licences in Canada


A Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence:

  • is required to fish for any species of finfish or shellfish.
  • is not transferable.
  • does not need to be signed by the licence holder.
  • can be obtained in person; a parent may obtain a licence for a child under age 16, and a licence can be obtained for a spouse.
  • must be produced on request by a fishery officer, conservation officer, or fishery guardian, so ensure you have your licence with you while fishing or transporting your catch.
  • The licence holder shall record immediately and permanently on this licence all retained Chinook and halibut caught in any Management Area and lingcod caught in Areas 12 to 19 (excluding Subarea 12-14), Subareas 20-5 to 20-7, and 29-5.
  • The licence holder’s current licence and all catch records must be available for immediate inspection upon request of a fishery officer or fisheries guardian.
  • Children under 16 years old are required to obtain a licence, however, there is no fee.
  • It is illegal to hold more than one licence

Non-tidal Angling Licences or Freshwater Licences in Canada  

If you are 16 years or over:

  • You must have a valid basic licence to sport fish for any species of fish in non-tidal waters (including salmon)
  • You must purchase appropriate supplementary licences and stamps to fish for conservation species (see conservation surcharges and white sturgeon sections below) or on Classified Waters (see Classified Waters section below). These can be added to your basic licence at any time by accessing the e-Licence system and printing an updated licence, or by visiting Service BC or a Licence Vendor
  • You must carry your licence while sport fishing and, if asked, produce it for inspection by a Conservation Officer, Fishery Officer, RCMP constable, Park Ranger in a park, or an Officer under the Wildlife Act

When you book a west coast fishing charter with Eagle Nook Resort, we manage all the details on your behalf. All of our fishing charters are aboard our 26-28 foot Grady White boats and are equipped with the latest and greatest fishing lures, bait and equipment. We will ensure you are properly licensed and that we are fishing within the regulatory parameters of the Barkley Sound region.

What is Sustainable Fishing in British Columbia?

What is Sustainable Fishing in British Columbia?

Eagle Nook Resort is located in Barkley Sound, one of British Columbia’s premier destinations for salmon and halibut fishing. This area is known for species including Pacific Halibut, Chinook Salmon, and Coho Salmon. We are thrilled to welcome guests from around the world to experience the beauty of this place while reeling in these incredible fish. Of course, with great opportunity comes great responsibility. We want to ensure this region is protected and that future generations will be able to experience and enjoy this sacred place. Eagle Nook Resort takes the responsibility of being a sustainable fishing ally very seriously, and we hope all our guests will as well. Whether you are joining us in Barkley Sound for an incredible all-inclusive fishing experience or visiting a BC lake near you, we hope that you will consider the impact you are having on the marine ecosystem and act as a responsible and sustainable fisher. Keep reading to learn more about how you can ensure you are protecting your fishing environment.

How are my actions impacting the habitat and environment of the fish in the region?

One of the most important things we can all do as fishing enthusiasts and recreational fishers; is to be mindful of our impact. Every action we take has an impact on our surrounding environment. The simple act of being mindful of that impact and doing everything in your power to minimize the impact on the marine environment is a step in the right direction.

Am I following the regional regulations and limits?

We understand that it can be tempting to keep on reeling in those fish when they are biting, but regional fishing regulations and limits are in place for a reason. If we are all mindful and respectful of these limits and regulations, future generations will be able to experience the same joy and relaxation that we do when we are out on the water.

Are my actions negatively impacting at-risk or endangered species?

This is an especially important consideration. There is no excuse for violating regulations and protections put in place for protecting at-risk or endangered species. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, there is no need to exploit at-risk fish populations for recreational enjoyment.

Am I respecting the fish by taking only what I need and utilizing as much of that fish as possible?

If you are taking your fish home with you, in accordance with local fishing regulations, please respect that animal and the nourishment it is providing to you. By being mindful of how many fish you are taking home and how you will use them, we can all ensure that marine ecosystems can continue to thrive.

Is my boat negatively impacting the environment because of chemical leaks or a lack of maintenance?

Regular maintenance of your boat or marine vehicles will not only provide longevity for your machinery but will ensure that your boat is not inadvertently harming the marine life in the area. Ensure your marine vehicle is not leaking toxic chemicals into the water.

At Eagle Nook Resort, we love fishing. We believe that if we all play our part, this amazing pastime will be shared with future generations so that they may share in our enjoyment. At Eagle Nook Resort we ensure the regular maintenance and care of our watercrafts, ensuring our impact on the water and marine ecosystems is as minimal as possible.

Please be mindful of your impact on the environment and the water you so greatly enjoy.

Recreational or Sport Anglers Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fishing in British Columbia

At Eagle Nook fishing Resort, our experienced fishing guides are passionate about ensuring our guests have the best recreational salmon and halibut fishing experience possible. To ensure this remains possible, we are committed to sustainable fishing practices, doing everything possible to protect the fish population and their vulnerable ecosystems and habitat along the BC pacific coast. Eagle Nook Resort is perfectly situated in Barkley Sound, one of BC’s premier destinations for salmon and halibut fishing. Whether you are an experienced angler or just beginning, our knowledgeable guides will help ensure you have an unforgettable experience and that you have the knowledge required to move forward as a respectful, mindful, and sustainable fisher.

Located in the remote reaches of Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, Eagle Nook Resort is surrounded by old-growth forest, abundant wildlife, and world-class salmon and halibut fishing. As stewards of the environment, we take our responsibility to the magnificent surrounding habitat very seriously, and we hope you will too. Whether you are planning your next recreational salmon or halibut fishing trip with Eagle Nook Resort or just looking for information regarding how you can be a mindful recreational angler, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn more about how you can help protect vulnerable ecosystems and the fish who call them home.

What is Sustainable Fishing?

Sustainable fishing is the act of actively contributing to healthy fish populations, ensuring they will be around for future generations to enjoy and experience. While many would be quick to place blame on commercial fishing operations for the detrimental practices related to overfishing and questionable fishing practices, as recreational fishers, we have a responsibility to actively pursue sustainable fishing practices. We are in this together, and the entire community must work together to ensure the longevity of our valuable and beloved salmon, halibut, and all aquatic life.

As recreational fishermen, we value the aquatic ecosystems that our catch calls home, and we want them to thrive. Many of us already practice a variety of sustainable fishing practices without realizing it. Sustainable fishing practices are not necessarily as complicated or daunting as the term might lead you to believe. It is also important to remember that conservation or sustainability does not mean, not fishing or other ‘radical environmental’ approaches. Sustainable fishing is about recreational anglers or sport fishers and the fish working together in harmony to protect the longevity of our aquatic populations.

A few questions that you can ask yourself to evaluate your sustainable fishing include:

  • How are my actions impacting the habitat and environment of the fish in the region?
  • Am I following the regional regulations and limits?
  • Are my actions negatively impacting at-risk or endangered species?
  • Am I respecting the fish by taking only what I need and utilizing as much of that fish as possible?
  • Is my boat negatively impacting the environment because of chemical leaks or a lack of maintenance?
  • Do I report illegal fishing practices when I see them?

Keep reading to learn more about the ways that you can fish sustainably at Eagle Nook Resort.

Understanding Recreational Fishing Regulations

As a sport fisherman, it is your responsibility to make sure you are following all recreational fishing regulations. In British Columbia, there are three different types of basic fishing licences: tidal water fishing, freshwater fishing, and licences for fishing in national parks.

At Eagle Nook Resort, we require a tidal water sport fishing license. This applies to all recreational fishers, including individuals under the age of 16. In Canada, tidal waters sport fishing licences are available as a 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days licence and can be purchased for juveniles, adults, and seniors. As soon as you have purchased your licence online, you are free to go fishing. Be sure to bring a printed copy or have it on your phone so that it can be displayed upon request.

To learn more about tidal water sport fishing licences in Canada click here.

If you are looking for information regarding non-tidal angling licences or freshwater licences click here.

The Top ways to practice sustainable fishing

Eagle Nook Resort is committed to offering our guests a sustainable approach to recreational fishing. The rules we follow and the efforts we make when you come to visit can also be implemented when you are fishing in any stream, river, lake, or ocean. Our top practices or suggestions for sustainable fishing include:

  1. Education: Before you head out on your next fishing adventure, educate yourself regarding the region, the fish and aquatic species, and other environmental or ecological elements in the region. If you are taking young people with you, ensure that you share your knowledge with them. It is easier to teach good habits and practices than it is to undo bad habits.
  2. Regulations: Further to tip number one, do your research before you head out fishing and ensure you know the regulations in the region. These regulations are put in place to protect vulnerable populations. This includes knowing what type of fish are in the water, what size of fish you should be keeping, and what limits apply. Before you head out fishing, check online, visit nearby outdoor or tackle shops, or simply read the signage at the boat launch to ensure you are up-to-date regarding the relevant regulations.
  3. Catch and Release: This one may not be of interest to you, but there is a strong argument to be made for catch and release. If you are interested in being a sustainable fisher, we suggest you consider releasing your catch as often as possible, allowing them to live another day, mating, and providing more fish for future generations. If you are releasing the fish, be as gentle as you possibly can, and keep the fish in the water as much as possible.
  4. No Littering: This tip should go without saying. As recreational anglers and lovers of fishing, we should all be respecting the environment, the fish, and each other. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a beautiful ecosystem littered with garbage that can be harmful to fish and other aquatic species who ingest the garbage or get tangled up in it. If you are on a fishing trip and you see garbage, please be a sustainable fisher and pick that garbage up.

5. Respect Your Catch: When you are taking a beautiful fish home with you, use as much of the fish as possible. No one is suggesting you make fish-head soup, but there are sustainable ways to utilize as much of your fish as possible.

Recreational or sport fishing licenses in BC

In British Columbia, a tidal water sport fishing licence is required for ocean fishing, and this must be purchased through the federal government. A tidal water sport fishing license is free for anyone under the age of 16, will cost an adult $21.89, and will be discounted to $11.47 for seniors. There are also variations for 1, 3, and 5-day licenses. To learn more about licensing fees click here.

The provincial government in British Columbia is responsible for all freshwater sport fishing licences, and you can purchase those online here.

It is important to note that there are distinct species of fish in British Columbia that require specific licenses and you should do your research before heading to ensure that you have the appropriate license for the type of fish you will reel in.

Understanding the impact of overfishing

It is easy to say that overfishing is bad for the environment, but why is it bad? Well, when regions are overfished, their populations are unable to mate and the species will quickly diminish in the region, and sometimes entirely. Even when the population is still there, overfishing can often negatively impact biodiversity, or put more simply, it can mess up the food chain.

Many of us brush this problem off saying I follow the rules, this isn’t my problem, but the reality is, we are all in this together. There are ways that all of us as recreational anglers can help to limit or end overfishing. If you are out fishing and you notice questionable or illegal fishing practices, report it. By reporting illegal fishing practices, you are protecting the aquatic ecosystem of your region and ensuring everyone is following the rules. Secondly, do your part and follow the licensing regulations in your region. We know it can feel redundant or like a hassle to have to purchase a license every year, but these regulations are implemented for a reason.

Fishing limits in British Columbia

It is your responsibility as a sport or recreational angler in British Columbia to know the limits and regulations in your area. These regulations include daily limits, possession limits, and annual limits. When you are reviewing your limits, be mindful of the varying species-specific regulations.

Eagle Nook Resort is located in the beautiful region of Barkley Sound, and our limits fall under the BC tidal areas of 23 and 123 – Bamfield, Port Alberni: Recreational fishing limits. In this area, there are specific limits for salmon, other fish, bivalve shellfish, crab, other invertebrates, and there are protected areas in the region. To learn more about the specific limitations and fishing regulations in Barkley Sound click here.

The advantages of sustainable fishing

Although we often think of sustainable fishing as a worthy goal that we should all aspire to, it’s not always clear why. At Eagle Nook Resort we believe that sustainable fishing is an essential element of responsible fishing. We are committed to protecting our aquatic ecosystems so that our community and future generations will be able to explore and enjoy the same healthy and thriving environments that we enjoy every day. By being a sustainable recreational or sport angler you will be helping to ensure the following:

  1. You will be protecting fish and other aquatic life and their habitats.
  2. You will be supporting communities that rely on the longevity and health of the fish and aquatic life in the region for economic and traditional reasons.
  3. You will be protecting and supporting at-risk or endangered species from disappearing entirely.
  4. By following regulations and ensuring you are properly licensed, you are helping scientists and monitoring bodies to avoid overfishing and other negative fishing practices.
  5. You will be ensuring that future generations are afforded the same opportunities as you to enjoy the sport of angling.

At Eagle Nook Resort we are committed to being mindful of our impact on the environment by being sustainable anglers. We hope that you will come to visit us in Barkley Sound so that you can fully appreciate why we are so passionate about protecting this place and its fish.

To learn more about Eagle Nook Resort, contact a member of our team today!

Dining EagleNook

Dining at Eagle Nook Resort on Vancouver Island

If you’re like most people, you love to get away on vacation for some much-needed R&R while enjoying different meals and snacks of the area where you’re staying. You want good food with a twist, not something you can easily get at home. At Eagle Nook Resort, we know that you want west coast dining from great chefs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our packages include all meals, prepared by our team.

3 Meals a Day – All-Inclusive

From breakfast to dinner, we’ve got you covered when you stay at Eagle Nook. Our breakfast service begins in the morning before you get out on the water in one of our fishing charters. Pair it with strong, hot coffee to get you warmed up on your way to catch your fill of salmon. If you prefer to sleep in, just come on down to the dining room when you’re ready to enjoy a meal on the patio overlooking the ocean.  

When you get back from your fishing excursion at BC’s best fishing lodge, enjoy a light lunch to carry you through to dinner. Our lunch menu focuses on seasonal vegetables, salmon, and west coast cuisine. If you have special dietary needs, just let our chefs know. We can offer gluten-free and dairy-free options. You’ll find vegetarian choices as well.  

For supper, we have a fine dining menu in our comfortable dining room. Feel free to dress up a little or just come as you are. Our three-course gourmet dinner will leave you feeling satisfied after a long day of vacation activities. Salmon is the star of our menu, but we have many seasonal and local favorites prepared fresh for your meal.

The Perfect Beer and Wine Selection

Enjoy premier beverages for happy hour and during your dinner. We select premium wines from the British Columbia area as well as a few specially curated selections from around the world. We also maintain a comprehensive selection of craft beers that will complement your meal. If you like cocktails with your meal or as a nightcap, we have a full selection of great spirits.

And Let’s Not Forget the Breathtaking View!

There’s probably nothing that makes a meal more enjoyable than a spectacular view. Our fishing resort in BC is surrounded by nature, so when you look out the window, you can enjoy the most picturesque landscapes while you’re eating. It’s a relaxing setting that will make you feel like nobility. We want you to enjoy every minute of your luxury fishing vacation in BC!

Eagle Nook Eco-Adventures in British Columbia

Vacation food should be special without being out of touch with your location. Our meals are designed to be Instagram-worthy, while tasting even better than they look. As part of your all-inclusive fishing trip to Eagle Nook Resort, we focus on fresh, local cuisine. Don’t forget that we take care of all the details for you to enjoy your vacation. Our experienced guides take you out to catch all the fish you can. We have high-tech equipment on our boats. When you come in from a morning charter, we fillet, package, and portion your catch to take home. We clean up the equipment while you get lunch and have an afternoon of fun at the lodge. There’s kayaking, paddleboarding, disc golf, hiking, and more.  

Your cabin overlooks the ocean and includes almost everything you need. It’s a luxurious setting with all the amenities you want. Our rooms don’t have televisions, but we do have a game room. Even though we hope you’ll disconnect while you’re here, we do have Wi-Fi throughout the resort.
Make your plans to join us for fishing, recreation, relaxation, and food. Get information on our vacation packages.

Did Someone Say Frisbee Golf_!

Frisbee Golf at Eagle Nook in Barkley Sound

Frisbee golf is gaining in popularity around the world. It’s a fast-paced sport that has the same rules as regular golf, but it’s played with a frisbee instead of clubs. Players throw the disc into a metal chain basket to complete each hole. It’s a competitive game that doesn’t require the technical skill of golf so players can enjoy the sport of disc golf while on vacation. The goal of the game is to get the disc into the basket in the fewest throws, but frisbee golf offers more than gameplay.

A Super Fun Group Activity

One of the great things about disc golf is that both beginners and experts can enjoy the game. Disc golf isn’t so technically driven that players can’t enjoy being together and catching up while on the disc golf course. It’s a great group activity on vacation. Here at Eagle Nook we have all the equipment you need for your fishing trip in BC, and we also have all the things you will need to enjoy some rest, relaxation, and fun off the boat, too.

Mentally and Physically Rewarding

At Eagle Nook, we plan fishing charters in the morning. After lunch, you have the option for many different activities, including frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is an excellent workout, but you don’t have to think of it as a chore, because it’s so much fun. You’ll get some walking in when you’re playing disc golf. It’s an excellent upper body workout from throwing the disc around.  

Disc golf is great for your mental health. You’ll be closer to nature. Our disc golf course has great views of the mountains and the oceans without ever leaving the resort. Nature has a calming effect on people, which will help you sleep at night. Playing in nature increases your creativity. Exercise is a mood booster on its own, so it’s like taking a double shot of a stress reliever!

Relaxed, Exciting, and Challenging

Disc golf is a bonding activity that anyone can enjoy. The game is straightforward. Before throwing the disc, make sure that no one is in range while you throw. You do need to be aware of your surroundings. Each hole begins with a tee throw. After the first hole, the player with the least number of throws is the first to tee off. Once each player has teed off, the person farthest from the basket takes the next throw. Once the player gets the disc into the basket, the hole is completed. The player records the number of throws it took to get the disc into the basket. At the end of the game, the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Eagle Nook Resort is All-Inclusive!

At Eagle Nook, disc golf course is included in your stay. Your fishing vacation in BC is an adventure in fun because we worry about the details while you enjoy your time away from home. Whether you’re taking part in a fishing charter, eco-adventure package, or corporate retreat, our team takes care of you from arrival to departure. We arrange for a water taxi to pull into the marina. You’ll stay in one of our luxurious resort rooms that overlook the ocean. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. We also have a full bar. When fishing is done for the daty, you can choose the activities you want, from frisbee golf, kayaking, hiking, and fishing.  

What kind of adventure do you want? Contact us for more information or to make reservations. We’ll help plan your perfect getaway when you’re looking to go salmon fishing in BC!

Hiking around Eagle Nook in Barkley Sound

The west coast of Vancouver Island is known for its ancient forests, stunning coastlines, and beautiful nature. It’s one of the best vacation destinations for eco-adventures. From whale watching to salmon fishing, hiking to kayaking, if you enjoy outdoor adventures, British Columbia is the place to be. Eagle Nook Resort is known for fishing charters, but there’s so much more we can offer. With over 17 miles of hiking trails, you can experience nature on our South Beach Trail or Lifesaving Trail and get all the benefits of hiking.

Experience Wildlife Up Close and Personal

Vancouver Island hosts some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife. During the summer season, humpback and grey whales enjoy playing off the coast. Seals and sea lions can often be spotted laying on the rocks. It’s common to see black bears and bald eagles in the area. The Broken Group Islands host both otters and orcas. When you’re hiking on our trails, you may see dozens of species of birds that are native to Barkley Sound.

Enjoy the Tranquility

Hiking around the Wild Pacific Trail offers benefits that go beyond the physical. Hiking is a powerful cardio workout that strengthens your muscles and improves your balance. Walking over the difficult terrain increases your bone density and lowers your risk of heart disease. Hiking is good for your mind. We’re ingrained to be in nature. Come hiking in BC to improve your mood and reduce your stress and anxiety. The trails at Eagle Nook are well-marked, so you can follow the loop whether you’re a beginner or experienced hiker.

Every Moment is a Picture-Perfect Moment

An eco-adventure at Eagle Nook Resort offers many moments you’ll want to capture with a photograph. The best times for taking pictures outdoors are daybreak and sunset. Outside of those times, you’ll want to use additional lighting to take beautiful pictures.  

It may require more effort to take a camera with you on your hike, but it’s worth having those memories for looking back at your vacation in British Columbia. Tell your hiking story by taking pictures from the time you pack your bags and start out on the trail. Capture the little moments along the way, like taking a snack break, finding moss on a tree, or taking your boots off when you get back to the fishing resort. When you get home, you’ll have a narrative that will make you want to come back next year for more memories.

Book Your Reservation for the Perfect Eco-Adventure

Hiking can be a great way to unwind after your fishing experience at Eagle Nook, so come prepared with good boots that let you take on the terrain. Choose Eagle Nook as your home base for an eco-adventure that includes salmon fishing, hiking, paddle boarding and relaxing in a beautiful location as you watch the sunset.  

Contact us with your inquiries about our eco-adventures and let us help you make reservations for the experience of a lifetime.

kayaking tours adventure packages

Kayaking around Eagle Nook on Vancouver Island

Kayaking is a great way to explore Vancouver Island while you’re enjoying a vacation at Eagle Nook Resort. You can do some sightseeing around the Broken Group Islands and Barkley Sound, in gentle waters, with a paddle to take in nature. A day’s paddle in the summer months is a low impact activity for beginners and experienced kayakers and paddlers. If you’re looking for a wonderful tour while viewing wildlife and relaxing, kayaking is the perfect exploration of the open coast.

Discover the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for spectacular landscapes and beautiful coastlines. Peak season for kayaking is during the summer months of June, July, and August. Sometimes, the weather in September will also cooperate and is good for kayaking. The Wild Pacific Trail features 8.8 kilometres of coastline waters for wildlife watchers. You can have a grand adventure in sheltered water or on the open ocean looking for sea lions, seals, porpoises, river otters, and the occasional whale. You may also spot wildlife on land. We’ve been known to see black bears, raccoons, and bald eagles along the coast.

Our Friendly Guides Know All the Best Spots

If you’re ready for an adventure, our guides not only know the best fishing spots, but they also know the best places to kayak. Should you be looking to take on the motion of the ocean swells, we’ll point you in the right direction. If you just want to paddle around the main islands to enjoy the wilderness, we can send you to the right place. Want to explore some sea caves? We’ll help you navigate low tide and high tides to stay safe in any body of water.

It’s All Inclusive

When you stay at Eagle Nook Resort, there’s no heavy lifting for you to do. We take care of you, from your arrival to departure. Our team cooks all your meals, breakfast and hot coffee are ready in the morning before your fishing charter. When you get back with your salmon and halibut, we take care of cleaning the boat, putting the tackle away, and packing up your fish for you to take home. You can come into the dining room for an appy hour, then go on to your next eco-adventure. We can arrange a guided tour by kayak or you can take a kayak out for the thrill of paddling.    

Our resort includes everything you could need, except for your personal belongings. We have rain gear on site, just in case. You need to pack clothes that layer well, because it can get foggy in the morning when it’s cool. It may warm up in the afternoon, so you want to be prepared. When you’re out in a kayak, you will want sunglasses, sunscreen, and a waterproof camera container.

Book Your Vacation at Eagle Nook

Kayaking is just one of the activities you can enjoy at Eagle Nook Resort. We have multiple eco-adventures in British Columbia that can be part of your experience in Barkley Sound. Kayaking is a great way to refresh your mind, reconnect with nature, and get a workout. Paddling through the water burns calories and strengthens your arms, legs, and core.  

Your adventure at Eagle Nook can include disc golf, hiking, an outdoor tub, and much more. Each of our luxury rooms overlooks the ocean. Escape to British Columbia to experience the wildlife on the coastline by boat, kayak, or paddle board. Contact us to make reservations for a fishing experience that you’ll never forget.

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