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Why Fishing Works

Imagine walking down to the marina first thing in the morning, just as the sun peaks over the mountains and sparkling ocean. Awaiting your arrival are your guides and their fully outfitted west coast fishing boats, ready and excited to show you an incredible day on the water.

Why Fishing Works

Departing, you accelerate, and within minutes, you are heading off to some of the world’s best Salmon and Halibut fishing grounds. Your guide takes you to THE spot, positions the fishing rods, flashers and bait, and strategically lowers the downriggers to the magic depth, right where the salmon are looking for their food. You are now fishing…

Then it happens. You see the rod bounce as it gets hit. You then hear the high-pitched screeching of the line being stripped off the fishing reel as the salmon takes a run, knowing they are in for a battle of their lives!

You grab the rod out of the holder and, in amazement, feel an incredible amount of pull and then slack as the salmon dances around, trying to shake out the hook. …the guide points and yells…”

keep your tip up, keep it tight, it’s coming out, it’s coming out!” Right then, the most incredible display of brute force and raw power as a 30b Spring Salmon EXPLODES from the water less than 15ft off the boat. An epic battle ensues. After a thrilling 20 minutes, you net and land your trophy on the boat.

Success! The cameras start clicking, and its smiles and high fives all around! You tell yourself, this is AMAZING…. The trip of a lifetime. You know that you will never forget it!

What would happen if you shared this experience with a client or employee?

Experience With a Client or Employee

It’s simple. Using fishing trips as loyalty or incentive programs will help you establish relationships with key clients and employees.

Fishing provides more “face time” with individuals and begs a captive audience.

Today’s market trends confirm that people search for meaningful experiences over physical possessions. Eaglenook and Lucky Sportfishing recognize this increasing trend, and we have made it our mission to create an adventure experience unparalleled by any other.

Adventure Experience Unparalleled

We understand that spending time with your guest is of utmost importance. To that end, we take care of everything for you from beginning to end.

As a business, would you rather have a loyal, raving fan customer or just a “Satisfied” customer?

A loyal client is always better than a satisfied client because a loyal client is less likely to switch to a competitor.

In business, retaining client loyalty has proven to be invaluable.

1. Selling more to existing customers is easier and less expensive for you than finding and marketing new ones.
2. Loyal clients tend to buy more and buy more regularly.
3. They give your business secure revenue streams.
4. Raise the value of your business.
5. They will frequently recommend your company to others.

Building and maintaining client loyalty programs are worth the effort and capital.

Eaglenook Resort has designed adventures that offer you a unique opportunity to share an unforgettable experience with your key clients and allow you to establish solid relationships and the creation of loyal clients.

Loyalty & Incentive Programs Increase Net Profits

An incentive program is a strategic plan to promote or encourage specific actions that can attract and retain your clients if used effectively.

Once you master the art of understanding your clients, it is simple to recognize the importance of creating a relationship-oriented culture with an incentive or loyalty program that offers great value rather than discounts.

Give an Experience They Will Never Forget, While You Get a Return on Investment.

An adventure experience with Eaglenook Resort has an intangible worth to your key clients and employees that can significantly outweigh their actual cost.

Cash and merchandise are great, but they do not provide a significant impact, and appreciation of these incentives quickly fades and is forgotten.

Significantly Outweigh Their Actual Cost

Employees don’t want to brag about the big cheque they got, and your clients probably won’t talk about that round of golf you played last Wednesday for long. However, they are eager to display trophy fishing awards and photos for others. They will be easily prompted (or not prompted at all!) to recall highlights of an unforgettable fishing experience.

Who can resist the tale of “the one that got away,” or, in your case, the one you landed?

Eaglenook Resort leads the way in providing a stage to actualize your key client and employee loyalty and incentive programs.

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Planning Your West Coast Fishing Charter

Getting to Eagle Nook

Eagle Nook Resort is located in Barkley Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The most common way our guests arrive at Eagle Nook Resort is by floatplane with Seair Seaplanes or CorilAir. This option will not only minimize your travel time, but you will take an awe-inspiring flight over Vancouver Island from Vancouver and experience the beauty above before arriving at our resort to begin your all-inclusive fishing trip in British Columbia. Fly directly from the seaplane terminal to our dock, and we will take care of all the details, from booking your flight to arranging a shuttle to and from the terminal.

Arrival By Water Taxi

The water taxi pick-up is included in all packages. Drive through the breathtaking Cathedral Grove and arrive at Port Alberni, where our water taxi will be ready and waiting for you at China Creek Marina. Stop for a bite to eat in Port Alberni or grab something to go and enjoy it on the dock’s edge before you embark on the scenic 60-minute cruise to Eagle Nook Resort along the coast.

Barkley Sound Weather

The Barkley Sound region of British Columbia is well-known for its salmon fishing. The area is also popular for its beautiful scenery and mild weather. The average summer temperature in Barkley Sound is about 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). This makes it a great place to enjoy the outdoors. There are many hiking and camping opportunities in the area. The Barkley Sound region is also a popular spot for whale watching. Several species of whales can be seen in the waters off Barkley Sound, including orcas, humpback whales, and minkes. Check the weather forecast if you’re planning a visit to Barkley Sound. The region can sometimes experience extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to be prepared.

What to Bring to Eagle Nook Resort:

We hope you’re looking forward to your upcoming trip to Eagle Nook Resort. To help with your trip preparations, we’ve put together a list of items we suggest you bring along. Keep in mind that the weather on the West Coast can vary throughout the day. Mornings can be cool and foggy, while afternoons are often hot and sunny, so clothing that is easily layered is recommended. The Resort will provide you with rain gear and rubber boots if necessary.

Some items that we suggest you bring along are:

  • 2 pairs of jeans or casual pants
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 fleece or hoodie
  • 1 long sleeve T-shirt
  • 2 short sleeve T-shirts
  • 4 – 5 pairs of socks, underwear
  • a lightweight jacket (rain gear and rubber boots are provided at the Resort)
  • hat/sunglasses
  • 1 pair of hiker-type shoes (if you plan to use the hiking trails)
  • 1 pair of casual shoes or runners
  • swimsuit (for the hot tub, towels are provided here)
  • personal medications and toiletries (soap, shampoo & hair dryers are provided at the lodge)

Guest rooms are supplied with towels, terry bathrobes, and amenities such as shampoo and soap, with hair dryers available upon request.

If you are arriving by float plane:

Due to float plane weight restrictions, personal luggage weight should not exceed 20 lbs per person (approximately the size of an airline carry-on). Please use a duffel bag in place of a suitcase. This ensures you can bring the most fish home possible without exceeding float plane weight limits!

If you are arriving By Water Taxi:

Please use soft duffel-type bags and keep luggage to a maximum of 40 pounds or lighter if possible. We have limited space on the boat so small bags if possible.

To learn more and book your stay at Eagle Nook Resort in Barkley Sound, British Columbia, today, contact a member of our team.

Fishing Charters in

Canadian Fly-in Fishing Charters

Eagle Nook Resort offers the quintessential Canadian fly-in fishing charter experience. It is located in Barkley Sound, one of the most beautiful and pristine areas on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, just south of Ucluelet. Eagle Nook Resort is perfectly situated in Barkley Sound and while it might seem like the journey to get here is long or complicated, the truth is there are a variety of convenient options for bringing her. Keep reading to learn more about Eagle Nook Resort and how to plan your next Canadian fly-in fishing charter!

West Coast Fishing Arrival by Floatplane

The most common way our guests arrive at Eagle Nook Resort is by Floatplane with Seair Seaplanes or CorilAir. This option will not only minimize your travel time, but you will take an awe-inspiring flight over Vancouver Island from Vancouver and experience the beauty above before arriving at our resort to begin your all-inclusive fishing trip in British Columbia. You can fly directly from the seaplane terminal to our dock, and we will take care of all the details, from booking your flight to arranging a shuttle to and from the terminal.

West Coast Fishing Arrival By Water Taxi

The water taxi pick-up is included in all packages. Drive through the breathtaking Cathedral Grove and arrive at Port Alberni, where our water taxi will be ready and waiting for you at China Creek Marina. Stop for a bite to eat in Port Alberni or grab something to go and enjoy it on the dock’s edge before you embark on the scenic 60-minute cruise to Eagle Nook Resort along the coast.

Bring Your Floatplane, Helicopter, Yacht, or Boat

At Eagle Nook Resort, our marina can accommodate boats and floatplanes of all sizes. Tie up at our dock and enjoy luxurious Resort accommodations and meals, plus full access to all the Resort amenities. We even have a helipad out front; there are endless options to reach us.

There are various ways to make the journey; contact a team member to learn more today!

Call 1 (604) 357-3361 or email

choosing the right lure for halibut fishing

Best Bait for Halibut

Understanding the Different Bait and Lures for Halibut

Using the right bait and lures at the end of your line is essential when it comes to catching ground fish like halibut at great depths.

Here’s the Eagle Nook Resort team’s round-up of the top halibut fishing baits and lures we recommend trying on one of our chartered halibut fishing trips on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.


This post is for anyone who has ever wondered, “What bait works the best for pacific halibut?” If you’re brand new to halibut fishing, start with our guide to Fishing for Halibut in BC – and then book one of our unforgettable Vancouver Island fishing packages!

Halibut Bait

When it comes to catching halibut, live bait is best. Fortunately, halibut are not picky eaters, which leads to a wide variety of live bait to choose from. Here are some of the best halibut baits to use:

Salmon Bellies

To halibut, salmon smells and tastes delicious! When the incredibly tough salmon skin is left on, salmon scraps are very durable, so they tend to stay on your line for quite a while. Any part of the salmon will do, especially the white-skinned belly meat, which is soft and easily shredded, making it easy for halibut to take a bite. Puncture the skin side of the salmon first using a circle hook. Then, puncture it once more through the flesh and back through the skin, leaving you with a double-threaded belly strip. The salmon will be on there so securely, you’ll need a knife to remove it!

Salmon Heads

Using salmon heads for halibut bait is a great way to use up every part of a salmon. Their strong scent can attract halibut from great distances. Small heads of Coho, Chinook, or Pink salmon are best. If the heads are too big, halibut might not be able to fit the whole thing in their mouths, which would make the bait less effective. Rig a salmon head to your sharpened circle hook by piercing the snout at the upper and lower lip so you’re essentially threading the mouth closed.


Squid is another great halibut bait – particularly when targeting larger fish. You can use either fresh or frozen squid, either whole or in pieces. Squid is a lot softer than salmon, so it does tend to get nabbed by critters other than your target species on the way down to the ocean floor. To prevent this, use two hooks in tandem, and add either thread or dental floss for reinforcement.


Octopus is a great halibut bait because it has a tough, rubbery texture that helps it stay firmly on your hook. It’s not as readily available as salmon, but it does the trick quite well! When using octopus as bait, it is important to hook the tentacles near the body to ensure the bait does not come loose. Double-hook the octopus as you would a salmon belly and that’s it! Be careful your octopus isn’t too big though, as this could lead to lots of nibbles but no bites.


Herring is irresistible to halibut, making it a good halibut bait. Large size herring are best, but the cost of large herring can start to add up. Keep in mind that herring is a soft fish, making it easy for non-target species to rip off your line on their way down to greet the halibut. When using herring as live bait, they are typically hooked through the mouth or nose and allowed to swim freely. You can also consider brining it in pure salt for a few days to harden it up or stuffing it in a bait bag.

Bait Bags

One trick we have seen is the use of homemade bait bags in which softer live bait, such as herring or chopped fish scraps, is balled up inside of nylon or pieces of mesh produce bags from the grocery store. The bait bags are tied off with a thread and should be about the size of a golf ball.

Bait bags are an effective way to target halibut, and they can be used in both deep and shallow waters. They can be used alone, or they can be stuffed into a hoochy, where they will be concealed but still leave a strong scent trail. They can even be frozen for later use.

Halibut Bait Tips & Tricks

Halibut aren’t too picky about what type of live bait you use. In addition to the baits mentioned above, Pacific mackerel, Pacific grey cod, anchovies, sardines, clam necks, shrimp, prawns – you name it – can all be used. These bottom feeders have also been known to bite at baits that haven’t originated from the ocean, such as raw beef, pork, and chicken. Some anglers even use freezer-burnt fish and meat. Doing so is a great way to put otherwise inedible human food to good use!

To have the best halibut bait at the end of your line, always ensure:

  • it’s rigged securely
  • it puts off a good scent trail
  • your line is weighted enough to get to the ocean floor with the bait intact.

If your bait is too soft or too small, not hooked properly, or your line is sinking too slowly, there’s a good chance your bait will get yanked off by other sea creatures like snails, starfish, crabs, and dogfish.

Likewise, if your bait is too big, such as a lengthy octopus tentacle (exceeding 8-10 inches) halibut can nibble away at it without actually clamping down on your hook.

Pro Tip: Not catching big enough fish? Try increasing your hooks to a slightly larger circle hook and using larger bait like salmon heads.

Best Halibut Lures

Halibut Jig 1Some of the lures for catching salmon can be used for catching halibut, provided they are combined with live bait and don’t create too much movement or razzle dazzle in the water. (Halibut prefer calm waters and are more attracted to scents than they are flashy, jerky motions, so spoons and flashers aren’t recommended.)




Jigs work especially well for halibut because they are weighted. The lead weight (sinker) of the jig usually comes with a hook molded right into it – perfect for adding your live bait. The lead weight is sometimes covered with a soft rubber or silicone body and might come with an artificial fish head, sometimes tasseled, sometimes not, and are designed to mimic the appearance of small fish or squid. Jigs can be fished using a variety of methods, including by vertically jigging them along the bottom of the ocean.

Rite Angle Fishing Products and Gibbs Delta makes many excellent halibut jig lures. For example, the Rite Angle Double Glow Mexican Flag, Halibut Spin N Glow White, Double Glow Pink Skirt and from Gibbs the Gibbs Delta Mud Raker, Gibbs Delta Jigalu, Gibbs Delta Big Eye Glow Jig, and Gibbs Delta Bio X Scent are all great lures to start with.

There are thousands of jigs on the market, and thousands of ways to prepare your own jigs. For example, pipe jigs made of copper pipe are a fun DIY project. The pipe creates a bit of noise while emitting a subtle electrical charge that seems to attract fish.

Artificial Squid

Halibut Jig 2Soft-bodied artificial squid are popular halibut lures – but these aren’t your average hoochies. They are actually much larger and come with additional features. Some to choose from include soft iron squid lures, which closely resemble real squid, and Fat Squids, which are soft plastic artificial squids that glow and are about the size of your palm! Because artificial squid is designed to mimic the appearance and movement of real squid, it is important to use the proper rigs and techniques to ensure the bait is presented in a natural way.


Pro Tip: Use a Ziploc bag to marinate your artificial squid in the scents of your live bait.



Soft plastic bodied Power Bait Grubs by Berkley are effective halibut lures because they are filled with scents and have specially designed crescent-shaped tails that wiggle just enough in the water to attract but not spook halibut. Eight-inch Grubs are recommended. These lures are biodegradable and available in more than a dozen colours.

Chartered Halibut Fishing in Barkley Sound, BC

During a chartered halibut fishing trip offered through Eagle Nook Resort, we provide you with a wide selection of halibut baits and lures, as well as everything else you’ll need to catch halibut on the West Coast of BC, including circle hooks and lead weights. You can also bring your own tackle with you if preferred. Check out our list of what to bring on our chartered fishing trips to learn more.

The world of halibut baits and lures can be an overwhelming place if you are just starting out with the sport. Halibut BC fishing charters like the ones we provide on the West Coast of Vancouver Island can be a great place to start. The passion and knowledge of our experienced guides serve as a great introduction to halibut fishing as well as salmon fishing.

Eagle Nook Resort is among the best Canada fishing resorts. Call us today at 604-357-3361 to book your next fishing trip, or learn more about our salmon and halibut chartered fishing packages.





Healthy Benefits Of Fishing

Health Benefits of Fishing: Good for Body and Mind

Fishing is not only a fun recreational activity, but it also has many health and wellness benefits. Eagle Nook Resort offers a unique combination of relaxation and adventure to soothe the soul as a west coast fishing charters company. Fishing provides an opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the fresh air while getting some exercise. Keep reading to learn more about how Fishing can help improve your heart health, mental well-being, and more.

Fishing for your Heart Health:

Fishing can help improve your heart health in several ways. First, it gets you moving and exercising. Even if you’re walking to the fishing spot, you’re getting some valuable cardio activity. Second, Fishing lowers stress levels. The relaxation that comes from being outdoors and enjoying the peacefulness of nature can help reduce blood pressure and promote healthy heart function.

Fishing for Mental Well-Being:

In addition to physical health benefits, Fishing can also improve your mental well-being. Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and increase happiness and satisfaction with life. Fishing can also help you connect with friends and family or meet new people if you’re fishing alone. The social aspect of Fishing can help reduce loneliness and promote positive social interactions.

Fishing is a great way to get some exercise, relax, and connect with others. Eagle Nook Resort is the perfect place to embrace the benefits of Fishing. Contact us today to learn more!

The Definitive Guide: Fishing Charters

How to Choose a Fishing Charter: The Definitive Guide

Eagle Nook Resort is located on the remote reaches of Vancouver Island’s rugged West Coast. We are surrounded by old-growth forests, abundant wildlife, and world-class salmon and halibut fishing. We are a bit biased, but we believe that Barkley Sound, home of Eagle Nook Resort, is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Each year, we welcome guests from around the globe to join us for adventure and excitement, relaxation and rejuvenation, or a little bit.

We know that you have various options when selecting your next getaway, adventure, corporate retreat, or fishing charter. To help you as you consider if Eagle Nook Resort is right for you, we have developed a definitive guide for selecting a fishing charter. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to choose the perfect West Coast fishing charter, including the types of Fishing available and what to look for in a charter company. By the end, you’ll be ready to book your trip and start reeling in those big catches!

Types of West Coast Fishing

There are two main types of Fishing available on the West Coast: saltwater and freshwater.

Saltwater fishing in the ocean can be divided into two subcategories: bottom Fishing and pelagic Fishing. Bottom Fishing refers to catching fish that live near the sea floor, such as cod or halibut. Conversely, pelagic fishing targets fish that swim in mid-water or near the surface, such as salmon or mackerel.

As the name suggests, freshwater fishing is done in rivers and lakes. The most common type of freshwater fish caught on the West Coast is trout.

At Eagle Nook Resort, we specialize in world-class salmon and halibut fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Our all-inclusive fishing packages feature private charters on one of our  26 – 28 ft fully equipped Grady White and North West Aluminium boats and experienced guides who will ensure you limit out while having the trip of a lifetime. Fish calm waters inside Barkley Sound or head offshore for an adrenaline-packed fishing experience.

What to Look for in a West Coast Fishing Charter Company

Now that you know the different types of Fishing available on the West Coast, it’s time to start narrowing down your search for a charter company. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

– Location: Where do you want to fish? How will you get there? What experience are you expecting once you arrive? Eagle Nook Resort is accessible by driving into Port Alberni and being picked up by water taxi, boat in, or fly-in by float plane right to our dock. Relaxed fine dining, water view rooms, fully guided fishing charters, hiking trails, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Eagle Nook offers the perfect place to escape for both adventure and relaxation.

What is included? At Eagle Nook Resort, with our high-end reels, fishing rods, and Scotty downriggers, you’ll be reeling in trophy-sized halibut and salmon in no time. Our fishing charters are aboard our  26 – 28 ft Grady White’s and North West Aluminium boats and equipped with the latest and greatest fishing lures, bait, and equipment. They also feature twin-powered engines and 4-stroke trolling motors, stereos, below-deck enclosed washrooms, and modern, up-to-date radar and electronics. Each of our fishing charters is unique and private; we do not mix any of our groups. With no more than three guests per boat (or a family of 4), we can cater to your needs and go to the locations based on what fish you’re after. We’ll make sure that you and your friends leave with your limits of fish.

– Trip length: How long do you want to be out on the water? Most West Coast fishing charters range from half a day to a full day. At Eagle Nook Resort, our packages are all-inclusive and run either Sunday – Thursday (4 nights/5 days) or Thursday – Sunday (3 nights/4 days). Your team will enjoy our luxurious resort, featuring:

  • Deluxe ocean-view rooms
  • Relaxed fine dining
  • Post fishing “Dock Side” lunch
  • Afternoon ‘appy’ hour
  • Access to kayaks, paddle boards, frisbee golf, and 17 km of hiking trails
  • Outdoor hot tub and patio area
  • Full access to other resort amenities (games room and more)

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to start searching for the perfect West Coast fishing charter company (we hope it’s us!)

Eagle Nook Resort

Get to Know our Expert Fishing Guides

Eagle Nook Resort is committed to providing our guests with a world-class fishing experience in Barkley Sound, BC. A big part of a legendary fishing experience is having the right, knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced guides.

Our expert fishing guides have years of knowledge and experience in these waters. We can take you out in the calmer waters of Barkley Sound to catch plenty of fish, or you can enjoy a sportier adventure by fishing in the Pacific. Our fishing guides use technology and experience to take you to the best fishing spots in the BC area. For example, if you tell us, you are looking for the best places for coho and chinook fishing, we will take you straight there! We help you go after the fish you want.

With years of experience, our guides make sure you’re safe, whether you’re fly fishing for trout offshore or fishing off the deck of one of our 26- or 28-feet boats. At the end of your day, we pack up your freshly caught salmon in vacuum packing to take in an airline-approved cooler to keep your fish fresh.

Meet Eagle Nook Fishing Guide, Jeff

Q: When did you start fishing? Do you have a favorite fishing memory?

A: I started fishing when I was very young, probably around 3 years old and I have loved it ever since. Some of my favorite fishing memories are from fishing derby events. I love seeing everyone on the water enjoying fishing in the same way I do!

Q: What is you favorite thing about being a guide in Barkley Sound?

A: My favorite part of being a guide in Barkley Sound is seeing the enjoyment of our guests as they experience this place for the first time. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy this area every day. I love sharing the beauty of this place with people for the first time.

Q: What is the most important skill for a salmon fishing guide to have?

A: I think the most important skill for a salmon fishing guide goes beyond just having a knowledge of the area, the fish, and of course safety. It is actually equally important to be able to entertain and provide a legendary experience to our guests for 8-10 hours a day.

Q: What do you believe sets Eagle Nook resort apart from other charter fishing companies?

A: The most important thing for all of us at Eagle Nook is that we provide a deeply personal experience for our guests. We really strive to create a personalized experience for everyone who visits. This is not the kind of place that just ushers people in and out as fast as possible. We enjoy getting to know our guests and take pride in providing a world-class, customized, and personal fishing experience.

Q: What is one thing everyone who goes fishing should know?

A: That’s easy, “it’s not catching it’s fishing”. Not every single day is going to be a banner day. You have to embrace the process or the journey and just enjoy being out on the water in a beautiful place.

Q: Final question, what is the best way to enjoy fish or halibut?

A: Keep it simple. Baked, with seasoning salt, lemon juice, and olive oil.

To learn more about Eagle Nook resort and to book your fishing charter today, contact a member of our team. Jeff and everyone else at Eagle Nook are looking forward to meeting you!

Barkley Sound BC Fishing Guide

Barkley Sound is one of the most beautiful and pristine areas on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. It’s located just south of Ucluelet and offers some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the area.

Eagle Nook Resort is perfectly situated in Barkley Sound and whether you are an experienced angler or just beginning, our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime.

The sheltered waters of Barkley Sound make it a great place for fishing charters, and the salmon and halibut fishing here is some of the best in the world. The offshore waters near Puget Sound offer great halibut fishing, while the waters of Barkley Sound itself offer plenty of salmon action.

And if that isn’t enough, for those looking for a little bit of luxury, Eagle Nook Resort offers deluxe rooms, all with ocean views and a full ensuite washroom. Inside the resort you’ll find our dining room, full bar, games room with a card table and two ocean-view patios. There’s even a hot tub overlooking Vernon Bay, the perfect place to relax after a day on the water or exploring the surrounding trails. We also offer west coast dining as fresh as it gets. All meals are included; breakfast and coffee ready to go for early mornings before fishing. Mid-afternoon our daily ‘appy’ hour is laid out, the perfect way to be welcomed back to the Resort. Nightly in the dining room tuck into a three-course gourmet dinner and enjoy a drink from our full-service bar.

So, if you’re looking for some great salmon or halibut fishing, and luxury accommodations, be sure to check out Eagle Nook Resort in Barkley Sound BC. You won’t be disappointed!

Keep Reading to learn more about Barkley Sound!

Where is Barkley Sound?


Barkley Sound is located on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is a large, protected body of water that is popular for boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Barkley Sound is home to a variety of marine life, including seals, sea lions, whales, and birds. The area is also known for its beautiful beaches and scenic hiking trails. Visitors to Barkley Sound can enjoy a variety of activities, such as camping, kayaking, and SUPing. There are also many opportunities for wildlife watching, including whale watching and birdwatching.

The History of Barkley Sound


Bordered by the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to the north and west, and by the Cape Flattery Marine Provincial Park to the south, you will find Barkley Sound, BC. Barkley Sound was named after John Barkley, who was the Master of HMS Chatham when it surveyed the area in 1787. The first European settlers in Barkley Sound were fur traders from the Hudsons Bay Company, who established a trading post at Friendly Cove (now Yuquot) in 1793. In the late 19th century, Barkley Sound became a popular destination for sport fishing, and several lodges were built along its shores. Today, Barkley Sound is a popular recreational area for kayaking.

The Climate of Barkley Sound


Barkley Sound is large body of water with a complex coastline that includes many islands, inlets, and sheltered bays. The climate of Barkley Sound is characterized by mild winters and cool summers. The average temperature in January is 3.5 degrees Celsius, and in July it is 14 degrees Celsius. precipitation is moderate throughout the year. The area experiences a large amount of rainfall, especially in the winter months. Barkley Sound is an excellent place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. There are many opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking.

Wildlife in Barkley Sound


Barkley Sound is one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world and home to an abundance of wildlife. Orcas, humpback whales, sea lions, seals, porpoises, dolphins, and many other marine mammals can be found in the waters of Barkley Sound. Otters, seals, sea lions, and penguins are just a few of the animals that make their homes on the islands in Barkley Sound. Bald eagles, ospreys, herons, and cormorants are some of the birds that can be seen soaring above or perching in the trees. The forests, estuaries, and shores of Barkley Sound provide habitat for black bears, Roosevelt elk, deer, cougars, wolves, and many other animals

How to get to Barkley Sound


There are a variety of way to get to Eagle Nook resort. Firstly, our marina can accommodate boats and floatplanes of all sizes so feel free to bring your own. Tie up at our dock and enjoy luxurious Resort accommodations and meals, plus full access to all the Resort amenities. We even have a helipad right out front; there are truly endless options to reach us.

Arrival by Floatplane

Departing from Vancouver Island, with Seair Seaplanes or Corilair, you will take an awe-inspiring flight over Vancouver Island from Vancouver and experience the beauty above before arriving at our Resort to begin your all-inclusive fishing trip in British Columbia. You can fly directly from the seaplane terminal to our dock, and we will take care of all the details, from booking your flight to arranging a shuttle to and from the terminal.

By Water Taxi

The water taxi pick-up is included in all packages. Drive through the breathtaking Cathedral Grove and arrive at Port Alberni, where our water taxi will be ready and waiting for you at China Creek Marina. Stop for a bite to eat in Port Alberni or grab something to go and enjoy it on the dock’s edge before you embark on the scenic 60-minute cruise along the coast to Eagle Nook Resort.

Call 1 (604) 357-3361 or email for more information and reservations.

Understanding Recreational Fishing Regulations in British Columbia, Canada

Understanding Recreational Fishing Regulations in British Columbia, Canada

As a sport fisherman, it is your responsibility to make sure you are following all recreational fishing regulations. In British Columbia, there are three different types of basic fishing licences: tidal water fishing, freshwater fishing, and licences for fishing in national parks.

At Eagle Nook Resort, we require a tidal water sport fishing license. As part of your Eagle Nook Resort experience, we will ensure that you have all of the required licenses, and that we are fishing in alignment with government regulations and best practices.

The requirement to have a license applied to all recreational fishers, including individuals under the age of 16. In Canada, tidal waters sport fishing licences are available as a 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days licence and can be purchased for juveniles, adults, and seniors.

Tidal Water Sport Fishing Licences in Canada


A Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence:

  • is required to fish for any species of finfish or shellfish.
  • is not transferable.
  • does not need to be signed by the licence holder.
  • can be obtained in person; a parent may obtain a licence for a child under age 16, and a licence can be obtained for a spouse.
  • must be produced on request by a fishery officer, conservation officer, or fishery guardian, so ensure you have your licence with you while fishing or transporting your catch.
  • The licence holder shall record immediately and permanently on this licence all retained Chinook and halibut caught in any Management Area and lingcod caught in Areas 12 to 19 (excluding Subarea 12-14), Subareas 20-5 to 20-7, and 29-5.
  • The licence holder’s current licence and all catch records must be available for immediate inspection upon request of a fishery officer or fisheries guardian.
  • Children under 16 years old are required to obtain a licence, however, there is no fee.
  • It is illegal to hold more than one licence

Non-tidal Angling Licences or Freshwater Licences in Canada  

If you are 16 years or over:

  • You must have a valid basic licence to sport fish for any species of fish in non-tidal waters (including salmon)
  • You must purchase appropriate supplementary licences and stamps to fish for conservation species (see conservation surcharges and white sturgeon sections below) or on Classified Waters (see Classified Waters section below). These can be added to your basic licence at any time by accessing the e-Licence system and printing an updated licence, or by visiting Service BC or a Licence Vendor
  • You must carry your licence while sport fishing and, if asked, produce it for inspection by a Conservation Officer, Fishery Officer, RCMP constable, Park Ranger in a park, or an Officer under the Wildlife Act

When you book a west coast fishing charter with Eagle Nook Resort, we manage all the details on your behalf. All of our fishing charters are aboard our 26-28 foot Grady White boats and are equipped with the latest and greatest fishing lures, bait and equipment. We will ensure you are properly licensed and that we are fishing within the regulatory parameters of the Barkley Sound region.

What is Sustainable Fishing in British Columbia?

What is Sustainable Fishing in British Columbia?

Eagle Nook Resort is located in Barkley Sound, one of British Columbia’s premier destinations for salmon and halibut fishing. This area is known for species including Pacific Halibut, Chinook Salmon, and Coho Salmon. We are thrilled to welcome guests from around the world to experience the beauty of this place while reeling in these incredible fish. Of course, with great opportunity comes great responsibility. We want to ensure this region is protected and that future generations will be able to experience and enjoy this sacred place. Eagle Nook Resort takes the responsibility of being a sustainable fishing ally very seriously, and we hope all our guests will as well. Whether you are joining us in Barkley Sound for an incredible all-inclusive fishing experience or visiting a BC lake near you, we hope that you will consider the impact you are having on the marine ecosystem and act as a responsible and sustainable fisher. Keep reading to learn more about how you can ensure you are protecting your fishing environment.

How are my actions impacting the habitat and environment of the fish in the region?

One of the most important things we can all do as fishing enthusiasts and recreational fishers; is to be mindful of our impact. Every action we take has an impact on our surrounding environment. The simple act of being mindful of that impact and doing everything in your power to minimize the impact on the marine environment is a step in the right direction.

Am I following the regional regulations and limits?

We understand that it can be tempting to keep on reeling in those fish when they are biting, but regional fishing regulations and limits are in place for a reason. If we are all mindful and respectful of these limits and regulations, future generations will be able to experience the same joy and relaxation that we do when we are out on the water.

Are my actions negatively impacting at-risk or endangered species?

This is an especially important consideration. There is no excuse for violating regulations and protections put in place for protecting at-risk or endangered species. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, there is no need to exploit at-risk fish populations for recreational enjoyment.

Am I respecting the fish by taking only what I need and utilizing as much of that fish as possible?

If you are taking your fish home with you, in accordance with local fishing regulations, please respect that animal and the nourishment it is providing to you. By being mindful of how many fish you are taking home and how you will use them, we can all ensure that marine ecosystems can continue to thrive.

Is my boat negatively impacting the environment because of chemical leaks or a lack of maintenance?

Regular maintenance of your boat or marine vehicles will not only provide longevity for your machinery but will ensure that your boat is not inadvertently harming the marine life in the area. Ensure your marine vehicle is not leaking toxic chemicals into the water.

At Eagle Nook Resort, we love fishing. We believe that if we all play our part, this amazing pastime will be shared with future generations so that they may share in our enjoyment. At Eagle Nook Resort we ensure the regular maintenance and care of our watercrafts, ensuring our impact on the water and marine ecosystems is as minimal as possible.

Please be mindful of your impact on the environment and the water you so greatly enjoy.

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