Fishing in British Columbia is recognized as world-class. Salmon are challenging to catch, even for experienced anglers. The halibut is a formidable opponent, prized as food. A corporate fishing adventure for salmon and halibut is an experience like no other. Fishing together builds teamwork and morale. Getting outside and experiencing the ocean helps everyone feel connected to nature. Fishing builds strong bonds between those who participate. Eagle Nook Resort offers inclusive fishing adventures at a luxurious resort in the Pacific Northwest.

What Does it Mean to Go on an All-Inclusive Fishing Adventure?

Inclusive fishing adventures are the trip of a lifetime. At Eagle Nook Resort, our inclusive packages include everything from making sure you arrive in style, either by float plane or water taxi to packing up your catch when you are ready to go home. Our fishing guides take you to the best spots for salmon, halibut, or lingcod. We provide first-class fishing gear and tackle on our sportfishing boats to make it easy for you and your guests to enjoy the water and fishing without all the details. Once you get back to land, you’ll have time to enjoy the scenery and landscape without worrying about cleaning up, cooking dinner, or making tomorrow’s plans.

Experience BC with an All- Inclusive Fishing Adventure

Explore the British Columbia coastline with your colleagues in an Eagle Nook eco-adventure that includes salmon and halibut fishing with everything provided. Groups who come to our resort keep coming back every year to enjoy the wildlife, waterfalls, and beautiful scenery while building their relationships with co-workers. It’s a great adventure that builds team morale when you return home. An all-inclusive package lets your team focus on the experience rather than worrying about getting organized for the trip.

Choose Your Fishing Adventure in Vancouver

A corporate fishing experience gives your team a new outlook. We can customize a package that fits your needs. Our resort features:

  • Spectacular ocean views from every room
  • Fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Access to kayaks, paddle boards, hiking trails, and a hot tub that overlooks the ocean
  • Meeting rooms, team-building activities, game rooms, and other amenities
  • Eco-adventures and wildlife viewing in the Barkley Sound
  • Care of your fish, filleting, portioning, packaging, and freezing to be packed in airline-approved travel containers

Make plans today to treat your team to a once-in-a-lifetime experience in British Columbia. Contact us about all- inclusive fishing adventures.