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Dining at Eagle Nook Resort on Vancouver Island

If you’re like most people, you love to get away on vacation for some much-needed R&R while enjoying different meals and snacks of the area where you’re staying. You want good food with a twist, not something you can easily get at home. At Eagle Nook Resort, we know that you want west coast dining […]

Did Someone Say Frisbee Golf_!

Frisbee Golf at Eagle Nook in Barkley Sound

Frisbee golf is gaining in popularity around the world. It’s a fast-paced sport that has the same rules as regular golf, but it’s played with a frisbee instead of clubs. Players throw the disc into a metal chain basket to complete each hole. It’s a competitive game that doesn’t require the technical skill of golf […]

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Hiking around Eagle Nook in Barkley Sound

The west coast of Vancouver Island is known for its ancient forests, stunning coastlines, and beautiful nature. It’s one of the best vacation destinations for eco-adventures. From whale watching to salmon fishing, hiking to kayaking, if you enjoy outdoor adventures, British Columbia is the place to be. Eagle Nook Resort is known for fishing charters, […]

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Kayaking around Eagle Nook on Vancouver Island

Kayaking is a great way to explore Vancouver Island while you’re enjoying a vacation at Eagle Nook Resort. You can do some sightseeing around the Broken Group Islands and Barkley Sound, in gentle waters, with a paddle to take in nature. A day’s paddle in the summer months is a low impact activity for beginners […]

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Paddle boarding around Eagle Nook in Barkley Sound

Paddle boarding is a popular way to explore Barkley Sound and Ucluelet Harbour. It’s great exercise, but it’s still relaxing and easy to pick up. Most people can get comfortable on a paddle board with just a little practice. Even kids can balance on and experience mastery fairly quickly. Here on Vancouver Island, people enjoy […]

A World Class Fishing Experience!

A World Class Fishing Experience!

British Columbia is world-renowned for its great fishing adventures. It’s estimated that more than three million people each year enjoy fishing in Canada’s great lakes, bays, and coastal waters. Salmon and cod are the most popular trophy fish in the Vancouver Island area, but there are other treasures to fish out of the water. Eagle […]

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Memorable Team Building Experiences

Every organization, whether corporate, non-profit or educational, wants a cohesive team that works together. Successful team building activities can be hard to organize. How do you plan something everyone will enjoy and participate in without feeling pressured? All too often, team activities make people cringe or feel uncomfortable. The corporate retreat packages at Eagle Nook […]

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Best Inclusive Fishing Adventures in British Columbia

Fishing in British Columbia is recognized as world-class. Salmon are challenging to catch, even for experienced anglers. The halibut is a formidable opponent, prized as food. A corporate fishing adventure for salmon and halibut is an experience like no other. Fishing together builds teamwork and morale. Getting outside and experiencing the ocean helps everyone feel […]

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