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A Guide to Salmon Fishing Licenses and Regulations for BC in 2021

British Columbia is home to some of the best salmon fishing waters in the world. Although many people fish for salmon year-round, the most fish are caught from May to November. With five types of salmon native to the British Columbia waters, even beginner anglers can have success when they’re with an experienced fishing guide. It’s important to note that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) regulates salmon fishing. A salmon fishing license is required for all anglers, whether you’re fishing for salmon or another finfish.  

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How to Purchase Your Salmon Fishing License  

Fishing licenses for anglers can be purchased online , at a vendor and also here at Eagle Nook where we’d be happy to help set you up with ease.   Licenses are available to be viewed in electronic form, but if you plan on retaining your catch, you will need to print a copy to record your catch. Chinook salmon, halibut and lingcod must be recorded in ink on your printed license. In addition to the license, whether you plan on retaining your salmon catch or not, a Salmon Conservation Stamp is required to fish.

If you plan on retaining your salmon catch, you must also pay for a Salmon Conservation Stamp. A salmon stamp is needed to fish for Salmon even if you do not retain Salmon.

Canada fishing licenses are valid from April 1 to March 31 of the next calendar year. Currently, non-resident licenses are unavailable, (because due to Covid, the border is closed to non-residents), but the DFO states that once the borders are opened, non-residents will be able to buy licenses.  

Salmon Fishing Regulations in BC

Our guides here at Eagle Nook will help you adhere to current fishing regulations. There is an annual limit to chinook salmon that each angler can take home as part of sustainability efforts by the DFO. We help you identify your catch and release incidental catch that causes the least harm to the fish. Fishing regulations depend on the area in which you are fishing and here on our pocket of Vancouver Island, we keep up with regulations to help you enjoy your experience without having to remember all the rules and details. Part of your package with us at Eagle Nook resort includes portioning, filleting and packaging your salmon to take it home.  

Visit Our Luxury Lodge this Salmon Fishing Season

Experience world-class fishing on the west coast of Canada at Eagle Nook Resort. Our packages not only include the best fishing experience in Canada, you also have all the equipment you will need, provided on our 26-to-28-foot boats for a private charter to catch your limit of salmon. At the end of the day, enjoy luxurious accommodations, fine dining and ocean-views from your room. We want you to enjoy the unplugged experience, so our rooms do not have television or telephones, but if you must, you can connect to the outside world in our media room or your own smartphone with complimentary Wi-Fi.  

Take advantage of the great salmon fishing season in British Columbia when you book your chartered fishing package with Eagle Nook Resort. Contact us to get started!  

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