Located in a cove on Vancouver Island, Eagle Nook Resort is recognized for its world-class salmon and halibut fishing. As much as we love fishing, we know that not every guest enjoys being out on the water angling for elusive fish one hundred percent of the time. We have so much more to offer than just great fishing-our inclusive luxury wilderness experience includes adventures, excitement, R&R, and great experiences both on and off the water. We can help you make all arrangements from arriving to leaving, taking the stress off you and letting you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. When we say all-inclusive, we mean it.   Here’s what else you can expect at Eagle Nook Resort when you come for a three-to-four-night stay on our beautiful corner of Vancouver Island.

A world-class fishing experience!

The fishing experience is what brings many people to Eagle Nook Resort. Barkley Sound is known for its salmon and halibut fishing charters. The fishing guides at Eagle Nook have years of experience finding the best spots to catch fish. The boats are equipped with high quality fishing rods, gear, and tackle. Even beginner anglers catch trophy-sized halibut and salmon their first time out. We make sure you leave with your limits of fish. We supply everything you need from the bait, high-end reels, your British Columbia fishing license, and more!   All you have to do is catch the fish.

When’s the best time to fish in Barkley Sound?  

Our best fishing season on Vancouver Island runs from March through September. Halibut season runs from March through October. Different types of salmon have different seasons:  

  • Chinook salmon – spring through early summer. These salmon are also known as King salmon and the prized trophies of anglers and cooks all over the world.  
  • Sockeye – July and August – prized for delicious meat, smaller fish but still very sporting.  
  • Pink salmon – peak season is September

In addition to salmon and halibut, you may also catch lingcod or trout. Anglers from around the world know that British Columbia is one of the best places to go fishing and it’s an experience you’ll never forget.  

As part of your world-class fishing experience, we do the dirty work of cleaning, portioning, filleting, and vacuum packing the fish you catch. We pack it up in airline approved coolers to make sure your fish make it home to your dinner table. When you get back to the resort after a day on the water, you can relax in our luxurious guest rooms or on the patio where you can enjoy nature, read a book, or enjoy catching up   with your friends and family.  

Fishing is the ultimate outdoor experience. You can feel the sun on your face, get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Salmon and halibut are sport fish that can be challenging to catch and our fishing guides help you find success. You’ll build strong bonds with your companions on the boat and we never mix groups, meaning, you’ll go fishing with the people you came with. This unforgettable experience will last a lifetime, but you’ll want to keep coming back to our remote location to enjoy nature at its best. Learn more about our fishing packages to book your experience.

You’ll never be bored on a paddle board!

Barkley Sound is one of the nicest places to go out on a paddle board. Paddle boarding is a great sport, not only for its physicality and exercise, but also for the adventure. Paddle boarding lets you explore the coastline and get up close with nature. It’s a low-impact activity that you can enjoy with a friend or two, or even on your own. You can take out a paddle board right from our dock, paddle around the Sound and just relax in nature because being on the water has a calming effect and help you find your inner peace. Here in Barkley Sound, you can forget your problems back home while you’re out on a paddle board.

Paradise is anywhere with a kayak

Kayaking is a popular activity that has physical benefits. It’s an even more low impact activity than paddle boarding, so it’s no wonder many people enjoy kayaking. Here on Vancouver Island, kayaking is a great way to enjoy the coastline and see the variety of aquatic sea life in the Sound. We often get glimpses of sea lions, dolphins, whales, and seals in or near the water. There’s no way to account for the other wildlife you may encounter. Kayaking can be meditative and peaceful, but it can also be challenging, depending on the current and water conditions. We can make arrangements for you to kayak through the Sound as part of your adventure at Eagle Nook.

Hike 17 miles of pure bliss and pretty views

Hiking is often referred to as nature’s therapy. It’s great exercise. There’s no end to its physical benefits, because it strengthens your core, gets your heartrate up, and works all the muscles in your body. Hiking the trails around Eagle Nook is good for your mental health. Hiking makes you more mindful of nature. You get reconnected to your passions and to the wilderness. Researchers have proven that being in nature increases your happiness. Even short hikes refresh your mental health and spirit. You never know what you’ll see when you’re hiking on our trails. We’ve spotted black bears, bald eagles, gray whales, and many other mammals and birds native to Vancouver. The trails are defined, and not too challenging for a beginner hiker.

The eco-adventure cruise of a lifetime

Our charters aren’t just about fishing. When you’re out on one of our boats, you can enjoy nature from the middle of the water. Inside Barkley Sound, the waters are calm. It’s the perfect way to enjoy watching birds, mammals, and sea creatures to really experience nature from a new point of view. If you go out onto the ocean, you’ll get more adventure and find even more wildlife to enjoy. Eco-tourism is on trend to build environmental awareness. If you’re looking for a nature-focused experience, our charters put you in control.

Did someone say frisbee golf?!

Although there are many traditional golf courses on Vancouver Island, Eagle Nook boasts a frisbee disc golf course. Frisbee golf is quicker to play than traditional golf, and you don’t have to lug around a set of clubs throughout the course. It’s less taxing mentally, so you can connect with your friends without disrupting the other players. Frisbee golf is pretty easy to pick up. Most people have thrown a frisbee a few times, so it’s just a matter of learning how to aim for the bucket. Our frisbee golf course is surrounded by nature. Not only will you and your friends have a blast, you will also connect with nature in a fun atmosphere. Disc golf is a great way to unwind after your fishing adventure. We have all the equipment you need to toss a frisbee around with a purpose.

Food, glorious food

Half the fun of any adventure is the food you can relish. Our packages include all meals. Before you take off on your fishing excursion in the morning, we have breakfast and pots of coffee to get you started. Want to sleep in? Feel free. Come down to the patio when you’re ready and enjoy a late breakfast in the sunshine, overlooking our stunning landscape. We’ll have freshly brewed coffee and a delicious plate of your breakfast favourites.  

Mid-afternoon, enjoy an appy hour to get you through to the evening gourmet three-course dinner, complete with a full-service bar with cocktails, premium beers and spirits, and a wide selection of both local and international wines. Our chef prepares meals made with local ingredients, so you get all the flavours of Vancouver Island. Our focus is on seafood, such as salmon and halibut, but we have a varied menu to appeal to everyone. If you have special dietary requirements, we can accommodate your needs when you tell us what you require. Our dining staff cleans up, giving you time to lounge around and take in the sunset over the ocean as you wrap up your day.

Time to kick back and relax!

Packing for your vacation at Eagle Nook is easy. We recommend bringing clothes you can layer. It can be cool in the morning and evening, but you may not need more than a t-shirt in the afternoon. You’ll want a lightweight jacket, but don’t worry about rain gear. We provide raincoats and rubber boots. You’ll want a pair of casual shoes with good traction when you’re out on the boat. If you want to hike, bring hiking boots. Don’t forget your swimsuit, a hat, and sunglasses. We provide soap, shampoo, and conditioner, allowing you to pack light. Bring along your sunscreen though.

Along with all the activities at Eagle Nook Resort, it’s a time for rest and rejuvenation. Each of our deluxe rooms have ocean-views with two queen beds and full ensuite washroom. We also have two ocean-view cabins that feature more privacy with a king-sized bed, patio area, and full washroom. Our rooms are comfortable with resort amenities:  

  • Down duvet
  • Luxury beds
  • Feather pillows  
  • Luxurious toiletries  
  • Comfortable chairs  
  • Fluffy towels
  • Hair dryer on request

Our cabins include all the amenities of the rooms, but they also have a small kitchenette with a microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, and fridge. You’ll have access to a wood burning fireplace and private patio that overlooks the marina and Jane Bay. It’s an upgrade that can make your vacation even more special.  

Eagle Nook is where luxury meets wilderness. We aren’t your basic hunting and fishing lodge where you have to make a fire and boil water to survive. Our lodge is complete with all the amenities you’d expect from a nice, urban hotel. We’re just located in the middle of the wilderness for a unique experience in eco-tourism and fishing, that’s all. Our team takes care of you while you take care of your mental health by relaxing on your vacation. There are no TVs or telephones in the rooms, but we do have complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the resort. You don’t have to connect with the outside world when you’re here, but we do make sure you can if you want to.

Eagle Nook has a full dining room, media room, full-service bar and lounge, and friendly staff. We want you to relax on your vacation at a 5-star fishing resort where you can take in the scenery of the Broken Group Islands. Eagle Nook is only accessible by water taxi or seaplane. We take care of you on your vacation by making all the arrangements for you. We can even help book your flight, arrange a shuttle from the terminal or have our water taxi waiting for you at the marina. Your fishing excursion should be about the adventure, not the details. Check out all our packages to plan the perfect getaway for eco-adventures.