Successful corporate team building events are something to look forward to instead of simply another essential exercise to get through. BC salmon fishing lodges offer world-class fishing experiences for teams. Eagle Nook has conferencing facilities to accommodate groups up to 34 guests. We work with your team to offer events and activities that help strengthen relationships between co-workers to support your organization’s goals.  

Learn Other’s Skills As You Fish    

Team building events should help people demonstrate soft skills that might not come out in a corporate setting and salmon fishing lets your team see each other in a new light. People can build relationships outside the walls of the office in a more relaxed setting. Getting out on a boat with co workers may not be the same thing as working on a corporate presentation together, but it offers the opportunity to test the waters, so to speak.

Show Off Problem Solving Skills with Salmon Fishing  

In the corporate environment, people can get in a rut with their work. Taking your team out of the office encourages them to work together in a different way. Salmon fishing isn’t like fishing on the side of a river or lake. Salmon are worthy opponents with thick jaws that aren’t easy to catch. The stories,   memories and pictures of a big fish on the line and the success of landing one of these amazing salmon last a lifetime. The photo in the office of the group’s catch lasts for years and always brings back conversation about the event.


Group Salmon Hali Rack

Reconnect with Nature  

Researchers from Cornell University found that just 10 minutes in nature reduced stress and anxiety. Good corporate team building activities strengthen communication and trust between people. When your team is relaxed, it’s easier to build bonds. Salmon fishing is a great way to reconnect with nature and to experience the vastness of our world. From the deck of our remote resort to   one of our private fishing boats, your team will have an eco-adventure of a lifetime.  

Identify Team Leaders  

A team building event levels the playing field from the office. Natural leaders often don’t have a chance to shine in the office without authority. Salmon fishing lets people shine in a new way to let everyone show off skills that might be hidden in the corporate environment. You’ll notice right away who is comfortable directing others with respect and who is helping to let you know who has those skills to develop in the office.  

Salmon Fishing is Fun  

A corporate retreat in a special location with multiple activities, including salmon fishing, is a reward, not a chore. For people who aren’t into fishing, it’s easy to turn one of the private charters into an eco-tourist adventure where team members look for wildlife, such as humpback whales, seals, and even eagles. Take your regular retreat to a new place with fishing derbies, kayaking tours and all the amenities of a first-class, luxurious lodge.  

Expertly Guided Corporate and Team Building Salmon Fishing Events in BC

If you’re looking for hidden talent within your team, fish where the fish are! Plan your next corporate event during the salmon fishing season in BC to give your team new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Contact us for more information about a corporate retreat.