A corporate fishing retreat is a great way to retain employees and to build camaraderie. A British Columbia world class fishing experience is a trip of a lifetime. You’ll want to be prepared for the adventure with the right equipment and clothes for comfort and safety. Here is our checklist of items for your corporate fishing retreat.

Items to Remember for Your Corporate Fishing Retreat

While this list may look like a lot, Eagle Nook Resort takes care of many of these things on our boats. We provide all fishing gear and tackle but you’re responsible for your personal items. You’ll want to plan to dress in layers, because it can be cool in the morning. As the sun comes out, it will warm up, but in the evening, you may want a jacket again.

1. Rain gear (Eagle Nook provides rain gear and rubber boots)
2. Bug repellent
3. Waterproof bag
4. Backpack
5. Sunscreen
6. Fishing license – please print a copy if you plan to catch and take home salmon, and at Eagle Nook, we can help you take care of this.
7. Waterproof or repellent jacket
8. Shoes with good traction
9. Hiking boots
10. Your lucky hat
11. Sunglasses
12. Gloves

Eagle Nook fishing guides and staff take care of the following:

13. First aid/medical kit
14. Compasses
15. Tidal charts
16. Binoculars
17. Rods and reels
18. Fishing bait
19. Fishing gear and tackle
20. Knife
21. Fish hooks
22. Ziploc bags
23. Ice packs
24. Fish cleaning tools
25. Trash bags
26. Lunch
27. Water
28. Thermos
29. Thermal blankets
30. Knife

Eagle Nook Guest Rooms Have Luxurious Amenities

You may want to pack your hiking boots if you want to explore the wilderness around the resort. After a long day spent in boots, put your feet up in comfort and style at Eagle Nook Resort. Our lodge has a hot tub, so bring your swimsuit. Guest rooms have towels, a bathrobe, and personal toiletries, giving you more room in your suitcase. Please keep in mind that our resort is only accessible by float plane or water taxi, so suitcases have a weight limit.

Bring Your Spirit of Fun and Adventure on Your Corporate Fishing Trip

Eagle Nook wants to make your corporate fishing trip easy and relaxing. The one thing you need to be responsible for is to bring your spirit of fun and adventure – we’ll take care of the rest! We even take care of your fish, portioning and packaging your salmon or halibut into airplane approved coolers to get it back home to enjoy. We take care of all the arrangements, from arriving at the resort to getting you back to the airport. This lets you and your team focus on building relationships and enjoying the adventure of a lifetime in BC.