Back up in Barkley Sound

We’re officially back up and running in Barkley Sound, prepping for both pre-season derbies and our regular season opening on June 15th (we’ve only got a couple spaces left for our Father’s Day Weekend Special so book soon!).

It’s been a busy week of pulling everything out of storage, setting up rooms and just generally de-winterizing, but a lot has been accomplished and we’re just putting the final touches on now. One of the tasks to be finished up before next weekend is updating our gutting table – yesterday we made some serious progress and aside from needing to add flashing along the top and touch up the varnish it looks great.

Our newest team members, Kevin doing maintenance, and Sue doing housekeeping, are fully settled in now and impressing everyone with how hard they’re working at getting the resort ready to go. The weather has also been unreal over the last week and after what seemed like a never ending winter, summertime finally feels like it’s right around the corner.

Last night we got out for a quick night bite before the sun set and got into a few nice little Chinook salmon. We let most of them go so they have the chance to get a little bigger but it’s good to see there are lots of fish in the Sound (and tons of bait too). We also got a show from a small humpback whale feeding close to shore; seeing whales in the area already is a great sign for our upcoming adventure tours!

Playing a fish on the night bite


Our first pre-season guests will be here this Thursday and we’re excited to see how big the derby winning fish turns out to be – last year it was a 25 pound Chinook that brought home the top prize. We’ll be posting updates all weekend so stay tuned!

Views on the way back to the resort