Early Season Fishing in Barkley Sound

The Easter long weekend meant another opportunity for some of our team to head back up to Eagle Nook and work on some small maintenance projects and this time our General Manager Dan made the trip with his family. Luckily the long weekend also brought some beautiful weather with it so the trip out to Barkley Sound certainly didn’t feel like a chore.

One of our Grady Whites has been in Port Alberni for the winter having some work done and Dan had planned to pick it up on Friday on the way to Barkley Sound, however a misunderstanding meant the boat wasn’t in the water when he got there, and the shop was closed for Good Friday. Thankfully Kevin, our new maintenance man and water taxi captain, was able to cruise up the inlet and pick everyone up so they could still make it out to the west coast Friday afternoon, the only downside was not having a boat set up with downriggers to head out fishing – that would have to wait until Saturday.

Saturday morning Dan got a surprise phone call from Matt, one of our guides who was spending the long weekend in Bamfield. When he heard that the Grady we’d planned to bring out to the resort for the weekend was still in Port Alberni he talked to a friend of his who happens to have a floatplane, and was able set up a last minute flight for Dan back into town to pick up the boat. It saved a ton of time over taking the water taxi all the way back up (not to mention gas) and Dan got a pretty neat flight up the inlet to top it off – not a bad way to start the day!


Once the Grady was out in Barkley Sound the crew were able to head out fishing; a jammed downrigger meant they lost a couple fish but once it was running smoothly they put 4 nice Chinook salmon in the box at Swale Rock. After fishing they went to check out the new cabin flooring Kevin has been working on – it looks great and will be ready to go with lots of time to spare before the season.


The remainder of the weekend was occupied with small maintenance tasks around the resort, and of course time out fishing in Barkley Sound. Fishing has been consistent so far on the inside, and dropping a line at Swale Rock is almost guaranteed to put a couple decent sized Chinook in the box. One of our other guides, Jeff, was out for a couple hours near Victoria on Thursday afternoon and landed 3 Chinook, the biggest being 18 pounds, so it looks like salmon are moving in all around Vancouver Island.

There’s just over a month until the first group of us moves up to Eagle Nook for the summer – the full crew will be in by June 11th. The fishing season is booking up quickly but we’ve still got some room for our Father’s Day Special June 15th – 18th, or 18th – 22nd if you’re looking to do a longer trip. Let us know today if you want to join us to kick off our season!