Lodge Life

“Lodge life” is unlike any other lifestyle there is. One of the first questions guests ask when they hit the dock is “Wow! Do you guys actually live here?” We sure do. From the end of May until mid-September Eagle Nook Resort is our summer home, where we live, work and play on the West Coast. It’s pretty neat.

Anyone who has visited Eagle Nook knows that our staff team is small. The person vacuum-packing your catch at the end of the day might also be your massage therapist. Or your server at dinner. Or all three. Having a small team means our days can be long, especially come July and August when the Resort is going full tilt, but we always find ways to have fun and take advantage of the amazing place we get to call home for the summer. Salmon and Halibut Fishing night bites are a definite staff favourite – two or three boats raft up in Vernon Bay, crank the tunes and watch the sun go down. The horseshoe pit was a popular spot last summer too; on any given night you’d find 5 or 6 Resort staff and fishing guides down there practicing their aim and making wagers on best-of-three tournaments. Inevitably, someone would miss their shot so badly the game would disintegrate into hysterical laughter and no one ever really knew who won.

Living and working with the same small group of people all summer means we become something like a family, and one of the best parts of this is how it translates to our guests. We hear comments all the time about how great we work together and how much fun we genuinely seem to have while doing our jobs – the truth is, we love what we do and we love that we get to share Barkley Sound and Eagle Nook Resort with guests from all over the world. Like we said, it’s pretty neat.